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 Get health insurance

 Get health insurance

Hard to get a loan insurance ready when you have health problems, no excessive premium! You have high blood pressure and want to finance your project by taking out a loan? Your can be a barrier to getting your loan due to a loan insurance refusal. Play the competition to find the Loan Insurance you need to borrow!

Anticipate your steps by going in search of the best insurance risk market that will allow you to borrow!

Anticipate your steps by going in search of the best insurance risk market that will allow you to borrow!

To receive the best loan insurance quotes with, compare the various health risk aggravated insurance offerings available on the market, using the free insurance comparator loan and no commitment available to you on the site. Once your comparative loan insurance done, you can ask to receive the quotes of the cheapest offers offering the best protection for your risk of hypertension.

Health insurance premium risk quote

Health insurance premium risk quote

Loan Insurance and

is too high a pressure of the blood circulating in the arteries. Many people today have high blood pressure and do not necessarily know it. The problem is that an can be greatly aggravated by weakening the walls of the arteries and forming an aneurysm that can rupture and lead to internal bleeding. An can also lead to pulmonary edema, heart failure or touching the kidneys, eyes…

Should we lie about his state of health?

The medical form you need to answer allows the insurer to assess the “risk” of insuring you.
If you forget to specify ailments and that these problems cause an “unfit to work”, you expose yourself to a breach of insurance insurance contract. So no one should not lie when reporting on the medical insurance loan record.

Compare insurance for loan

Compare insurance for loan

The borrower is no longer obliged to subscribe to the insurance offered by the bank; look for external loan insurance. Play the competition and if you find better, subscribe! For your convenience, some companies and brokers specialize in managing health risks. They will know how to get the best deal for you. A tip: Contact the sick / disabled people’s associations to compare the best loan insurance deals.

Aeras Convention

The adopted AERAS convention makes it easier to access loans from borrowers who present a health risk (). The insurance broker of cheap loan depends on the insurance brokerage firm . Our knowledge of credit insurance and our expertise in risk allow us to search for the best solution adapted for the persons concerned by the AERAS agreement with the 15 insurance companies with which we are in contact.

Aware of the risk posed by an, insurers have put it on their list of “aggravated health risks”. This means first of all that the group insurance of your bank, which is a classic and collective insurance, is not adapted to cover this type of high risks and one can thus refuse you its granting. Then, by demarcating other insurers, your aggravated health risk may require the payment of a premium that can cost you if you do not play the competition.

Delegate your insurance with Loan Insurance-not-expensive!

The Congilaw company gives you the freedom to choose your loan insurance. In order for the bank to accept a “delegation of insurance”, you just need to make sure that the loan insurance contract you choose has guarantees of a level at least equivalent to those of the group insurance contract it has given you. present.

By playing the competition between insurers, you can find custom risk risk insurance that will present the lowest price on the market!

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By going through the specialists of the brokerage Insurance-of-loan-not-expensive, you benefit from a help and a personalized follow-up, you get your insurance contract loan at the best price / guarantee ratio and you are certain ( e) that your bank will accept its implementation to guarantee your loan.

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