To find clothes that adapt to their changing bodies, pregnant women can easily visit the maternity section of any large retail store or browse Amazon’s maternity store from the comfort of their sofa. From dresses and leggings to tank tops and denim shorts, there are plenty to choose from, no matter what your taste.

Shoes, however, are another story. Due to their swollen feet and stretched ligaments, pregnant women basically have two options when it comes to what to wear on their feet. They can either slip into the shoes they already own and add another layer of discomfort to the equation, or invest in a new pair that he hopes will meet the needs of their sore feet.

If you are not very active, you may be able to get away with the first option without causing a lot of excessive pain or lasting damage. But if you exercise regularly – especially in a form like running or brisk walking, which causes their own swelling effects on the feet – you will be much better off going with the 2nd option. Not only will you feel more comfortable working out, but you will also save yourself the frustration of unwanted foot problems and injuries.

In general, pregnant runners should look for shoes that are cushioned, comfortable, and most importantly, comfortable. Keep in mind that if you shop during the first half of pregnancy, your feet are likely to swell considerably over the next few months. The exact amount depends on each person, but it would be wise to increase half or full size in anticipation of at least some growth. And before you whine about another purchase that will end up in the back of your closet in a few months, know that there is a good chance your feet will stay about a half size above your pre-pregnancy shoes. . All the more reason to choose well!

To make sure you’re not overdoing it during pregnancy, you’ll want to check the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy, but you’ll see that running is listed as a “safe activity” if you ran before pregnancy. From one pregnant pro runner (early in my first trimester) to another, here are four running shoes that will keep your feet happy and miles away during pregnancy and beyond:

Hoka One One Clifton

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7 Women’s Running Shoe


$ 199.90

It wouldn’t be fair to put together a line of cushioned running shoes without including at least one model from Hoka One One, the company that turned the running industry upside down with its oversized soles about a decade ago (at heart of the minimalist crusade). Although it now has a lot of competition from brands like Nike, Adidas and Brooks, Hoka is still considered the ancestor of the maximalist shoe movement.

To me, no model rivals the Clifton, the brand’s long-standing bestseller that’s currently on version 8. It looks clunky but feels surprisingly light – although, admittedly, my feet do. sometimes get tangled due to the very wide base. It is durable and padded and in my opinion only gets better with each model. I love the Clifton for cool down runs, warm ups and dedicated cool downs.

Asics Novablast

ASICS NOVABLAST 2 Women's Running Shoes

ASICS NOVABLAST 2 Women’s Running Shoes


$ 129.95

Asics wasn’t the first to the maximalist shoe game, but with the Novablast it more than made up for the lost time. This shoe is as plush as it looks, but without the weight that comes with most other models with generous soles. Turned on, it’s soft, bouncy, and responsive – exactly what I look for in a running shoe, whether my tummy is bulging or not.

Not everyone will agree with me, but I like the substantial drop off of the Novablast (heel to toe height difference). It relieves my calf and Achilles tendon and seems to propel me slightly forward with each stride. The fact that I wear this shoe more than any other during pregnancy is all you need to know about the Novablast.

Brooks Ghost

Brooks Ghost 14 Delicacy / Brown / Coral Cloud

Brooks Ghost 14 Delicacy / Brown / Coral Cloud


$ 171.45

The Brooks Ghost may look more like a traditional running shoe than the Hoka Clifton or Asics Novablast, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it isn’t as comfortable or as impact resistant as a model with a twice as thick sole. The Ghost offers a smooth fit, neutral support, and a whole system of shock absorbers, making it a great choice for just about any type of race and runner.

The shoe is in its 14th model, which says a lot about its popularity with athletes and its timelessness in a rapidly changing footwear landscape. Several of my friends have worn Ghosts forever, and I can imagine their loyalty would only grow stronger if they experimented with the shoe while pregnant.

New Balance tag

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3 Women's Running Shoes

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3 Women’s Running Shoes

New balance

$ 119.99

A good word for the New Balance Beacon, which is part of the company’s Fresh Foam line, is “elastic.” The shoe strikes an impressive balance between cushioning and lightness and overall is a nice pair of kicks. While these details might not be the aspects that appeal to you, the soft, breathable material of the upper (the part of the shoe that covers the top of your foot) and the perfect fit of the heel cup will transform you. into a fan in no time.

It won’t take long to see that the Beacon is a well-designed shoe – not necessarily for pregnant runners, but for anyone looking for a plush run that absorbs and energizes, a task much easier said than done. The Beacon is one style I might not have tried if I wasn’t pregnant, but would love to wear once I resume normal training.

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