As Marilyn Monroe would say, if I ever lower my head, it will be to admire my shoes..

Wow! What great pleasure we derive as ladies when we have beautiful shoes to adorn our elegant feet.

Nice and stylish shoes perfectly complement your women’s outfit. They not only enhance your body wear but also add to your beauty and make you look beautifully outstanding wherever you go.

Every woman must have certain shoes in her closet to adorn her beautiful feet and reveal the grace that every woman embodies.

To reveal your uniqueness as a woman, here are 6 shoes you should have.

1. Sneakers

Can your wardrobe be complete without a nice pair of sneakers to top it off? Well, I don’t think so. Sneakers are a unique set of footwear that surely gives you that stunning and stylish look. You can rock them at different events ranging from hangouts to picnics, sporting events, holiday parties and more.

Without mincing words, this shoe is very versatile and a must-have for all women.

Here is outfits you can wear with your sneakers

2. High-heeled shoes

Despite the many negative reports about high heels, they are definitely a kind of shoe that every woman should have.

This set of shoes helps you maintain good posture and balance, and helps exercise your legs and gives you a sense of confidence.

Putting on high heels gives you power as a woman, and you should definitely have one if you don’t.

Thinking about the type of heels to get, check out the different types of heels every woman should know and make your choice.

3. Sandals

Sandals are definitely a must have for every woman. With the various amazing designs being produced daily, you should make a plan to get one.

This shoe guarantees your comfort without neglecting your need for a unique look.

They are a great choice if you wear casual clothes or attend a casual event. They can also replace your official shoes when you go to work or when you finish your working day.

4. Ballerinas

According to Wikipedia, Ballerinas are women’s shoes for everyday wear that are similar/inspired by women’s shoes.ballet slipperswith a very thin heel or the appearance of no heel at all.

This type of shoes is also sometimes referred to as “baby shoes” because of the comfort and simplicity they provide.

These shoes are definitely essential if you work in the corporate world and they are also very useful for religious services.

5. Slides

Slides in this part of the world can simply be compared to our designed slippers that we wear at home or when we need to get items or go somewhere nearby.

According to Wikipedia, slides or sliders are a type of lightshoewhich is characterized by a loose heel that clings to the foot from the front. Asflip flopsthey are generally employed in occasional situations, in addition to beingunisexshoes worn by both sexes.

You should definitely buy one as a woman in addition to your shoes and take them with you when you go out, as they are definitely lifesavers in case your shoes develop a fault.

6. Boots

Ladies boots are also shoes that every woman should have. If you like to grab people’s attention or like your shoes to be the talk of the town, you need to be sure to add a boot to your shoe collection.

You can check different models of boots on shopping sites like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, etc.

If you’re not the shy type and love attention, wearing a good pair of boots in this part of the world will surely get you the attention you crave.

Here is types of boots you can consider becoming a woman.

You deserve the elegance you can get as a woman and the above set of shoes will surely reveal your grace and beauty as a woman.

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