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In addition to raising funds for charity, The Slow Fashion Show aims to encourage purchases and donations to local charity shops, where materials for the show come almost exclusively

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Local artist and designer Leon Patras will host a fashion show to benefit the Cudeca and ARCH charities at the Artsenal Inoxis art gallery in Alhaurín el Grande on Saturday May 7. In addition to raising money for charity, The Slow Fashion Show aims to encourage shopping and donations to local charity stores, where catwalk materials are sourced almost exclusively.

The initiative will encourage innovative ways to explore slow fashion over fast fashion.

The term slow fashion encompasses an awareness and approach to fashion that takes into account the processes and resources needed to make clothes. Unlike fast fashion, it advocates buying better quality clothes that will last longer.

The organizers are appealing to budding or confirmed creators to participate in the show, which will have four categories: Charity Chic, Upcycled, Vintage slow and Steampunk. Registrations must be made by email ([email protected]) before Monday, April 25.

long-awaited sequel

Leon Patras found success with his Steampunk Anti Fashion Show in Alhaurín el Grande before the lockdown. He says he’s pulled out all the stops to make the long-awaited sequel even more spectacular, while emphasizing the importance of consumers being more aware of the clothing decisions they make.

“Slow fashion is well-made clothing that lasts for years or decades. Fast fashion is the cheap stuff you throw away after a season because of its inferior quality. The social and environmental costs of fast fashion are hot topics, but fortunately they are areas where consumers can take direct action,” the designer said.

The event, which begins at 8 p.m., will feature a dance performance by DK POP, live music and DJs. Tickets, available from Artsenal Inoxis and Papeleria Cristina in Alhaurin el Grande, cost ten euros and all proceeds will be donated to charity.

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