Name: Andrea Pitter
Title: Fashion designer

Since being crowned the winner of the second season of “Making the Cut,” the high-stakes reality show for talented fashion designers ready to take their brands to the next level.Andrea Pitter expanded her New York born line. Pantora Bridal (which arrived on the scene in 2013 as a 400-square-foot boutique in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood) is now a bi-coastal e-commerce brand in partnership with powerhouse Amazon Fashion.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Now with three national locations – the flagship store and two more in DTLA’s shopping mecca, DTLA LINE— the fruits of Pitter’s work since she set her sights on fashion design at the age of 12 hasn’t stopped blossoming.

After graduating from the prestigious fashion institute of technology, Stoner fell in love with bridal design and knew she wanted to open her own salon.

Credit: ROW DTLA

“I knew black women were going to be central to my business because I didn’t see black women in magazines as wives; I haven’t seen them in any major campaign,” Stoner said. “I started my business online…I had designed all these wedding dresses and none of them were for black women. So I said, ‘If I open this store where I know ‘there are black women, they will come.’ »

And they came. Although she initially wore almost every hat – from paperwork to sewing –Pitter’s The team has grown exponentially since its initial success.

“We offer relatable luxury. I always felt like luxury seemed to be for the haves, not the have-nots, but happiness and being celebrated shouldn’t be for anyone in particular. —Andrea Pitter

“We are joy-oriented and we are inclusive”, Stoner said of Pantora. “We offer relatable luxury. I always felt like luxury seemed to be for the haves, not the have-nots, but happiness and being celebrated shouldn’t be for anyone in particular.

After many years leading his own team, “Making the Cut” came along and pushed Stoner new ways. “In episode five, I had done what felt like my best work on the show,” Stoner Explain. “I came second [place] again… but I felt like such a winner. I made my own jaw drop. I was so proud of myself, and I was like, sometimes this is what winning looks like. Sometimes it’s just for you. If you feel you are winning, no one can take it from you. »

In the last episode, the judges also recognized Stoner like the winner she truly is. In addition to the $1 million jackpot, Pitter also left the show rewarded by the messages she receives daily from viewers and fans.

As for those who wear and will continue to wear Pantora drawings?

“I want them to feel joy; I want them to feel like every day is worth celebrating,” Stoner said. “Every day we should put on the things that make us smile. Especially in this climate, I feel like we’re all looking for something to smile about.

Andrea Pitter

1318 E 7th St, Suite 120
Los Angeles, California 90021

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