AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Just off the highway north of Amarillo, you can see large animal figures, including dinosaurs, and they all have names.

“Here we have Kong, so, King Kong. Here we have GIO Dino, we have Barney. We have Tex, the yellow one, and he’s wearing blue cowboy boots,” said visionary collector Suzan Howell.

Collecting characters has been a long-time endeavor of Suzan Howell and her collection includes a link to the NewsChannel 10 story.

“This is Chan Ten and this in honor of Chan Ten that we had at our Amarillo Zoo,” Howell said.

In 1963, NewsChannel 10 helped bring an elephant to Storyland Zoo and was given the name Chan Ten from Channel 10.

“All of us when we were little kids we started a collection, Channel 10 was really involved in that and we had a baby elephant so I wanted to commemorate it here,” Howell said.

There are also pigs, a bear, a gorilla and more – but it’s not just a collection of animals.

She has also collected hundreds of unique cookie jars from around the world that have been collected and ready for display.

She explains getting to this point.

“Well it came in increments but I love these dinosaurs so much and I just bought one at a time when I could buy them and I enjoyed all the ‘country passing on the highway for see them. I think it’s such a cute and fun thing,” Howell said.

See now plans to turn his collection property into an attraction where people come to walk around and see various themed cabins and sets.

“Eventually it will be ‘The Land Before Time’ and then there is a ‘Cookie Time Museum’ coming with cookie jars. I have collected over 3,000 and it will all come together for good and for God” , she said.

In addition to dinosaurs and cookie jars, Suzan envisions a Christmas exhibit, an Old West area, a tropical cabin, and a Jesus section.

The goal is to share its collections by creating a simple environment where people come to have fun.

“I just want people to leave the world for a while and come away changed. You know, cool off. Some of the things I’ve collected here are for people. It’s just so they can enjoy it and it will make them happy,” Howell said.

It’s pretty cool that Chan Ten’s elephant can be part of a big exhibition to bring fun and make people smile.

It’s good news.

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