WARNING: This article presents the main spoilers of Cruel.

Without a doubt, Disney’s third hottest co-star Cruel are the gorgeous costumes created by Oscar winner Jenny Beavan and here are all of her major looks. Setting this prequel tale of Disney’s most iconic villain, Cruella de Vil, during the fashion revolution of the 1970s was an inspired move.

Oscar winner and Cruel Star Emma Stone and her Oscar-winning co-star Emma Thompson (who plays the icon of fashion designer The Baroness) praised their favorite outfits while promoting the film. A room with a view made Beavan an Oscar winner in 1986, and her second Oscar for Mad Max: Fury Road in 2016. His iconic creations for Cruel are likely to earn the creator an eleventh Oscar nomination next year.

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Bevan’s designs make a powerful statement as Stone’s character evolves from Estella to Cruella. Seeing the costumes on the big screen in a theater helps audiences appreciate the full impact of the designs as the intricacy of the fabrics and accessories stand out even more. Each aesthetic is carefully chosen to send a message and follow Estella’s arc of becoming Cruella. Here’s a look at how the movie’s fashion evolved and the meaning behind each outfit Cruella wears.

Estella on the ass

To survive on the streets of London, Estella and her founding family (consisting of Jasper, Horace, Wink and Buddy) went into the scam, taking off many jobs and creating characters wearing costumes designed and sewn by Estella.

The first time the Cruel audience meets adult Estella, she’s wearing one of her con costumes: a pinstripe suit with 3/4 sleeves and a dark blouse with cuffs.

Disguised in a plaid coat, black gloves, sunglasses and a silk scarf, Estella and the team easily pick the businessmen on a London bus.

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For her next outfit, Estella’s costume features a bored rich girl look with a matching bandeau scarf.

A leopard print top, fur hat and cardigan, along with a matching jeweled sweater for her partner Wink, complete Estella’s costume for the next job.

Estella works for the baroness

When Estella finds a normal job at the Liberty department store, she discovers that the outfits aren’t as glamorous. However, when she began working for the Baroness, Estella began to refine the bold, slightly punk aesthetic that she would later adopt as Cruella.

Estella dresses all in black to blend in with the skin, complemented by suits often highlighted by culotte-style pants and a beret when she gets the chance to work with her fashion idol, the Baroness. The outfits Estella wears in the Baroness’s fashion house are always paired with an iconic pair of sunglasses.

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Estella dresses more casually in her spare time, with a military-style jacket to complete this daring newsboy look, when she discovers Cruella’s future conspirator, Artie’s, designer consignment store.

The baroness chooses Estella to go get lunch, and Estella is dazzled when the baroness puts two dishonest men in their place. Estella appears in “Librarian Chic” with a black button-down skirt and a dark patterned blouse.

In the scene where the Baroness inadvertently reveals that she is the one with Cruella’s mother’s collar, Estella wears a chic asymmetrical skirt made of ties and a sleeveless top with a crossed leather lapel.

In this lace blouse, pinstripe cardigan and straight skirt with chain accessories, Estella tells Jasper and Horace that she wants the necklace back and hatches a plan to go to the party as Cruella in order to prevent the baroness from recognizing her and dismissing her.

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A gold tie collar showcases Estella’s metallic blue-gray silk blouse as she studies the Baroness’s safety.

Estella / Cruella at the Baroness’ Black and White Ball

Estella revamps a classic dress from The Baroness’s and makes an entrance in a costume meant to surprise and capture everyone’s interest. Cruella walks into a white silk hooded cape and becomes the center of attention.

It burns in a scene reminiscent of Katniss Everdeen’s fiery dress transforming into a Mockingjay in The hunger Games: Catch fire.

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Before unveiling the modified dress of the Baroness. It is not only red like the color of her blood that the baroness has calligraphed, but also red like the stone of Estella’s mother’s necklace. Estella wears it to symbolize both her past and what she wants for her future. It’s a message to the Baroness and everyone at the party: I am you, only better.

Cruella plots revenge

Cruella puts her self of Estella on the sidelines, debuting in a colder, more arrogant version of herself after the Baroness’s chilling confession at the black and white ball.

Cruella recruits Anita and Artie to help her with her plan while wearing this outfit which not only has a pointy, patchwork look, but is also reminiscent of the checkerboard pattern of a game of chess – appropriate since it has the intention to foil and foil the baroness. The jacket’s leather and corset style shape is reminiscent of a dominatrix, especially when paired with Cruella’s cane.

Estella’s outfits at work are starting to look neater and have more geometric patterns and narrower silhouettes – the perfect fit and the right designer assistant, even if she’s hiding in plain sight.

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Cruella throws the glove at the Baroness, arriving by motorbike to crush the Baroness’ red carpet moment. Cruella introduces himself to the world by revealing his name in neon graffiti on the building. Her gold sequin pants and motorcycle-style leather jacket convey Cruella’s vibe of glam bad girl. Her dramatic makeup reads simply: “The future.“This is another message to the Baroness: Cruella is the future and the Baroness is the past.

Cruella makes a bold statement that there is a new fashion queen in town by trapping the baroness in her car with a dramatic feathered long red and black skirt from her imperial outfit with a military jacket with epaulettes. This moment will become an icon Cruel scene.

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Cruella crashes into another Baroness event, arriving by garbage truck, after creating an elegant fabric ball gown and recycling gossip and tabloid stories about herself. Her glamorous look is topped off with her Marie-Antoinette-style beanbag hairstyle and sparkly makeup – as always, Cruella shows off how she can’t take anything and turn it into something incredible.

In that same scene, what at first glance looks like garbage escaping from the back of the truck transforms when Cruella reveals that it is her wearing a gorgeous dress with an extreme train.

Estella works overnight to transform her own design into a very special dress that the Baroness has decided to claim as her own original work for an upcoming ball. Later it was revealed that the “golden” pearls are in fact the cocoon-shaped bags of some type of flying insect, programmed to hatch during the Baroness’ grand fashion show and lead the crowds. outside.

In a crucial scene between Estella and the Baroness, Estella is dressed in her simplest outfit from the film. During lunch, the Baroness tells Estella that she doubts Estella is ever ruthless enough to be as successful as the Baroness, despite her creativity. Once again, Estella’s simple outfit hides her from the Baroness’ sight.

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Once again, Cruella eclipses the Baroness by throwing a gig outside during the Baroness’ fashion show to debut her own looks, including a ‘Dalmatian’ fur coat. The mantle is a psychological mind game, intended to get rid of the Baroness, from whom the Dalmatians Cruella stole.

Cruella reacts to learn the truth

Cruella dons a mustache disguise or two to reunite with her crew and plan a final heist, after emotionally relinquishing her identity as Estella.

Cruella lets Artie know that the reports of his death were exaggerated and had work to do, after tucking his iconic hair under a cap and donning men’s clothing and a mustache.

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In a tender rooftop scene with Jasper, Cruella’s look looks like something Estella would wear, but it’s in Cruella’s more fitted style. It’s symbolic of the balance that Cruella is finding right now, in accepting her truth, what she really cares about and who she is: she is Cruella – but she’s not the monster everyone thinks she is. she is.

Cruella creates a room full of lookalikes and forces the Baroness to recognize her by sending costumes (a stern straight black dress with a geometric shoulder cape and Cruella wigs) to all of the Baroness’ last guests. It is one of the more discreet costumes of Cruel.

Estella confronts the baroness with an outfit similar to the one she wears every day, only this skirt is much looser. Likewise, her puffed sleeves hint at what’s to come: The Baroness pushes Cruella over the balcony and the skirt is revealed to transform into a parachute.

After the Baroness’s arrest, Cruella makes her comeback wearing a wonderful patent leather and silk design that coordinates perfectly with her hair to reveal to the public that she was not dead in the heyday of Cruel. It’s part domineering, part haute couture, and part patroness – perfect for Cruella’s coming out.

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Cruella gives Estella a proper funeral while wearing something that could be considered a mourning gown. It is noteworthy that she wears the same choker necklace that she wore the night the Baroness apparently killed Estella. The same choker is spotted again at the end of the movie, so it clearly has some significance for Cruella.

Cruella claims her rightful heritage, in a dramatic cape with bell sleeves. Her witch-like figure is appropriate – as she drives to take possession of Hellman Hall, some of the letters fall off the sign to transform it into “Hell Roomand Cruella is the evil mistress at his heart.

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