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Finding an inch of free space in your closet can seem like a never-ending struggle. Even with careful organization, a once tidy storage spot can quickly become a mess of seasonal clothes and bulky bedding. Before you give in and add another sweater to the growing pile in your bedroom closet, you might want to consider a set of vacuum-sealed bags loved by over 6,000 Amazon shoppers.

And now is the perfect time. The “miracle” variety pack of Spacesaver Premium vacuum storage bags commonly listed on Amazon for $40 is only $20 today. With such impressive savings, you might want to mess up your closet just to try them out for yourself.

Inside the variety pack are two small bags (16 inches by 24 inches), two medium bags (20 inches by 28 inches), and two large bags (24 inches x 32 inches). Spacesaver believes that you can easily use the bags to store items like a duvet cover, sweaters, sheets, towels, etc. All you have to do is place your items in the double-zippered bag, lift the valve to attach your vacuum cleaner hose, and watch your bulky items shrink “like magic”.

Buy it! Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags, $12.74-$42.49 (original $16.99-$49.99); amazon.com

Once the valve is closed, the mark indicates that the size of the bag will be noticeably reduced by up to 80%. In cases where you use the bags for travel, there’s a storage pump that’s sized to easily fit in your suitcase, and the bags are leak-proof to withstand shampoo bottle explosions.

Spacesaver bags come in several different sizes, and the brand says a small bag can hold up to six to eight sweaters, a medium bag has room for eight to ten, a large bag has room for 12. , and for those with serious room needs, a jumbo-sized bag is available. In addition to the half-price Variety Pack, all four Spacesaver packs of these bags in varying sizes and a 10-pack are all on sale for up to 25% off.

One shopper called the bags “incredibly easy to use” and shared that they can store multiple quilts, quilts and blankets in one bag. “They allowed me to free up a lot of storage space,” the reviewer added.

Another reviewer placed several king bedding items in one of their bags and said that “it worked great” and the bags were always reusable afterwards. In fact, several reviewers have confirmed that they “have used these bags multiple times”, with one buyer adding that “the air doesn’t leak no matter what”.

If you’re ready to tackle your closet clutter and free up some space, pick up a variety of Spacesaver Premium vacuum bags before the half-price discount disappears tonight.

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