Amy Dagger is back.

She expresses her thoughts again, proves once more that she is not under the control of her aunt or uncle, and again sends a very clear and important message to Anna Dagger.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old shared a meme with popular Schitt’s Creek TV character Alexis Rose and gave his subscribers a glimpse of a young woman trying to fit a lot of clothes in her suitcase. .

What message did Amy send with this image?

He may love you, but if he doesn’t love you in a proper and healthy way, you need to pack your bags.

Life is too short [sic]..

As mentioned above, Amy never names her step cousin.

But at this point, there is nothing more serious than the Josh Duggar arrest scandal: The six fathers have been accused of uploading over 200 photos / videos of sexually assaulted / abused minors. Focus on what you are doing.

If convicted of both counts of child pornography, he faces up to 40 years in prison.

Despite the allegations, and despite a history of affair with his wife and sexual abuse of young girls, Anna was on Josh’s side.

In her meme, Amy seems to admit that Josh can love Anna in his twisted way.

However, this method is clearly unhealthy, and Josh clearly cannot give Anna a perfect heart.

So she should go.

It to have Go, Amy said here and before.

The day before downloading the memes referenced here, Amy shared a quote He also seemed to be targeting Anna.

“Don’t let anyone bother you. Don’t let anyone take your voice, your opinions, your dreams. This is what makes you yourself. We are all made the same. It’s not that. “

” We are not Robots !

“Don’t follow man-made rules and don’t even think for a moment that you don’t deserve love.

“You are worth living a fulfilling life full of adventure, curiosity and freedom. “

Amy King 1

At that point, I added Amy:

“Women, don’t try to live as small, calm, comfortable and practical as possible.

“Speak your heart, even if your voice is shaking. Do not accept extreme forms of humility and own your beauty, intellect and energy.

“Always be violent and silent. “

Amy King 2

At this point all we can do is hope – no pray – Anna keeps this advice in mind.

Insiders claim she hasn’t said anything about her husband’s arrest yet She actually believes Josh is innocent..

Jim Bob Dagger’s niece Amy doesn’t follow any of his strict rules or guidelines, but has been particularly highlighted in her comments whenever Josh’s topic has been brought up recently.

Amy and Anna d

In her first statement on this topic, Amy said, “I would like to express my sincere condolences to the innocent and sweet victims.” My heart is broken … I sincerely hope that justice will be served. “

She continued:

“I’m just saying that whatever you do in the dark comes true in the light.

“If you intend to see such an obnoxious and offensive image, justice must be done.”

Later, on social media, Amy commented on the accusation that Josh downloaded the material for an 18-month-old, writing:

“When I look at my 19 month old baby boy… my mind and my brain cannot comprehend him.

“It’s heartbreaking, disgusting, mean and very mean. I don’t want to get involved. “

Sad, disgusting and evilTo sum up what Josh reported to have done very well, right?

Amy Duggar needs to pack her bags, close relative urges Amy Duggar needs to pack her bags, close relative urges

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