As more sneakerheads look to grab rare sneakers, bots and resale sites often grab them first to resell them at an unreasonable price. Now, a team of husband and wife has decided to put the community aspect back in the shoes, but also to establish a level of trust between the seller and the recipient.

Founded by Chad and Adena Jones, Another way is a black-owned platform committed to suppressing elitist behavior within the sneaker industry. With decades of combined experience teaching media and sneaker, Adena and Chad’s greatest asset in a market that thrives on one-upmanship is their dedication and respect to both consumers and brands. .

“It’s hard enough to buy a shoe at retail,” Chad told Yahoo Sports of the issues sneakerheads face when visiting popular resale sites. “In the event that a shoe appreciates in the aftermarket, the means of making a profit becomes predatory. We have companies trying to force themselves to be middlemen, whether it’s through payment processing or just providing the platform to sell the sneaker. When a sneaker sells, it takes a nominal fee as if it were an agent who had actually worked to facilitate the transaction. “

By collecting a percentage of the final price, there is an illusion that the reseller sites actually performed a task and therefore deserve a discount for their efforts. However, the people who do the work are buyers and collectors. Chad should know; it had developed a respectable reputation in the community decades before the creation of these pages. Before the internet revolutionized commerce, it even flew to other cities and camped outside physical stores to buy coveted shoes in person.

“I don’t think people know that there is another aspect of reselling that is not so capitalistic and blatant,” Adena pointed out. “To create a respectable collection, you have to buy, sell, and trade. If you want a shoe that costs $ 7,000, you might have to sell two shoes for $ 5,000. It’s part of a collector’s life or of a sneakerhead. “

“Why do you like sneakers?

Within the framework of complete the request To join the Another Lane community, Chad and Adena ask a simple question: why do you like sneakers? The answers validate their mission to eliminate the increasing gentrification facing the industry.

“The creators of sneaker culture need this community and their own market,” Adena said, repeating a response submitted by a member. “They were thirsty for the same relationships they had forged with the people who lined up for store openings years ago.

Another Lane space is a non-judgmental zone. Whether you’re new to sneaker culture or have 30 years of knowledge like Chad, everyone can take comfort in knowing that everyone is treated the same, regardless of their level of experience. The idea is to create a bridge instead of a barrier.

As with most hobbies, there will be cynics who question the need to have multiple pairs of a Jordan figure in different colourways or wonder why someone needs to spend hundreds for a pair that ‘it will never come out of the box. Adena and Chad scoffed at these criticisms, with the latter arguing precisely about why the punishment is happening.

“When you think about what people think is correct versus what isn’t, they talk badly about it because they’re not part of it. We’re the ones who make our living. People don’t tell me. know nowhere to judge how I spend my money. “

Not a small business, but an empire in the making

Chad and Adena have seen much of the power taken away from the people who made the sneaker collection mainstream. Even though it’s just the two that check potential members and facilitate transactions (for now), there’s nothing small about how they work. They were low-key about the sequel to Another Lane, but one thing is certain: authenticity, transparency and of course an undying love of sneakers will forever remain at the center of their brand.

“When people think of certified sneakerheads, I want them to think of Another Lane,” Adena said. “No matter what we do in the future, it will all be sneakers.”

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