If you’re someone who’s recently developed an interest in sneakers, there are a few terms you should pull together that might come in handy on your next purchase.

To make sure you don’t get hit with nicknames, abbreviations, and general sneaker slang “never heard before,” Boniface Mithika, in The Sunday Standard, has compiled some of these slangs.

Retro: As the name suggests, “Retro” is a relaunch of a colourway that takes place after the initial release of the shoe model.

OG: It’s the new design of the pair that hasn’t come out. The first version of a shoe is called OG.

GR / limited: “GR” simply means the general version. The resale price will depend on the type of “Limited” version of a version. GRs are rare and are usually custom made to the celebrity’s needs and specifications.

Drummers: These are already worn or torn sneakers. These shoes are sold, but not as expensive as the new ones. They can become more expensive if they are legendary models.

Colorway: This represents the color arrangements for the given pair of shoes. The colourway is often at least as substantial as the actual model of the sneaker.

Grails: It’s a pair of sneakers that people desire more than any other pair, even though they have to spend a lot more than the retail price. Grail status is generally reserved for more limited shoes.

Hypebeast: Someone who likes to keep up with current trends and is too cool for Hypebeast.

Hyperstrike: Of all the versions, Hyperstrike is the most limited and is kept secret for as long as possible. They are published in extremely limited numbers.

On Ice: Having a pair “on ice” means a pair of kickstock that you haven’t worn yet.

Player Edition: A player edition sneaker is designed for a specific player. They are available at retail, most often as a limited version.

Tonal – This is one color makeup and a cool way to say that a sneaker is one color.

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