Sneaker brands are currently in an arms race to make the most eco-friendly sneakers in the world – and Japanese sportswear giant ASICS has just upped the ante significantly.

Discover the ASICS GEL-LYTE III CM 1.95: the sneakers emitting the least CO2 in the world. Emitting just 1.95kg of CO2 (CO2e) emissions over its life cycle – significantly lighter than the lowest-emission trainers currently available on the market – they represent a huge leap forward in sustainable manufacturing.

1.95 kg of CO2 emissions might seem like a rather abstract number, but for comparison, creating a stack of A4 paper emits 2.34 kg of CO2e and a typical pair of running shoes generates around 13, 6kg… GEL-LYTE III CM 1.95s incredibly easy on the planet.

Among the sneaker’s series of innovations are new negative carbon foam – made from a fusion of bio-based polymers derived in part from sugar cane – as well as the use of recycled, solution-dyed polyester. , as well as a new structure using tape that allows less material usage. In addition, 100% renewable energy is used throughout the manufacturing phase.

The x uses negative carbon foam in its midsole and sock liner, and recycled polyester for the upper.

It’s all very impressive, but we think the biggest triumph of the new ASICS sneakers is that they actually look like something you’d want to wear. A common trap that “eco-sneakers” fall into is that they are often quite austere when it comes to their aesthetics. There’s no point in making a pair of better-for-the-planet sneakers if no one wants to buy them.

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Example: the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT collaboration from Adidas and Allbird, the lowest-emitting sneakers (which emit 2.94 kg of CO2e, by the way). They’re certainly worthy, but they just look a bit ugly, and so their mission falls flat.

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In comparison, the The GEL-LYTE III CM 1.95 not only emit less CO2, but also look much cooler. They look much more like a standard pair of GEL-LYTE III (one of the most popular sneakers in the ASICS range as well as among sneakerheads and casual shoppers) which is a big plus.

The only thing you will emit are elegant vibes.

All in all, we think ASICS have a winner on their hands – and should be commended for pushing sustainable fashion in an exciting and substantial new direction.

ASICS The GEL-LYTE III CM 1.95 trainers will hit shelves in 2023. ASICS has yet to release pricing details, but they are expected to sell for between AU$250 and AU$300. Learn more about ASICS’ online storefront here.

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