Which Giant Bean Bag Chair Is Best?

Sufficiently large bean bag chairs can serve as sofas and beds for those looking for a place to relax. Besides the size of a bean bag chair, they are often very comfortable and feature foam padding that allows the user to sink into the item. Giant bean bag chairs with secure closures last a long time and can be a great piece of furniture to tie a room together. When buying a beanbag, consider what it is filled with, the composition of the cover and the dimensions of the item.

If you’re looking for a durable, comfortable, and machine-washable beanbag that requires no assembly, the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is the first choice.

What you need to know before buying a giant beanbag

To fill

Before you buy a giant bean bag chair, think about what’s inside. Bean bags can be filled with an assortment of commonly broken down materials and used as padding. The most common material is foam. The foam provides downhill comfort that cradles the user without permanently flattening out. Some bean bags are filled with broken polystyrene and soft plastic beans. Consider the filling of the ottoman before purchase to determine the level of comfort you are looking for.


A giant bean bag chair should have a machine-washable soft cover. A plush cover that is also durable provides comfort and is the part of the bean bag that comes into contact with the user. The material used to cover the chair should be moderately stretched and tear resistant. Most covers feature zippered covers. The most popular cover materials are linen, cotton and suede.


Before buying a bean bag, make sure it will fit inside doorways as it is transported to a specific room. Giant bean bag chairs that arrive assembled may not be able to fit where needed without tearing or being damaged. Look at the dimensions given in the product description on the website to make sure the item can be carried properly.

What to Look for in a Quality Giant Bean Bag Chair

Moisture resistance

A quality bean bag is moisture resistant. This means that the item has waterproof characteristics to prevent mold and bacteria from forming on the fabric despite the humidity in the air. Products that are moisture resistant may not need to be washed as often.

Secure closure

The best bean bag chairs are designed with secure ways to close them so the contents stay in place. The material inside an ottoman can create a mess that is difficult to clean and replace in the event of a leak.


The color does not affect the comfort or durability of the item, but it does provide the user with options when designing their space.

How much you can expect to spend on a giant bean bag chair

The best giant bean bag chairs cost between $90 and $300 depending on the material used to make the chair and what it is filled with. Items filled and covered with quality materials are more expensive.

Giant Bean Bag Chair FAQ

Are the giant poufs pre-assembled?

A. Some giant beanbags come pre-assembled and arrive at your doorstep in a giant, stuffed form. Some beanbags come in a smaller box with instructions on how to assemble them. It takes more time and requires the user to fill the bean bags themselves. Although this process is time-consuming, those who purchase bean bag chairs that need to be assembled won’t have to worry about the bean bag chair being too big to fit through their door.

Why do beanbags need to have handles?

A. Giant bean bag chairs with handles as an added convenience feature allow the user to easily move the item from point A to point B without having to awkwardly squeeze the item to move it. This ensures that the item doesn’t slip out of your hands when you move it and allows you to see where you are going.

What is the best giant bean bag chair to buy?

Giant bean bag top

cooling bag

What do you want to know: This bean bag chair is available in several colors and offers optimal comfort with inches of memory foam and suede fabric. It is moisture resistant and machine washable.

What you will love: This item features a zippered construction for the best security of foam padding and is securely sewn for added durability. It is stain resistant.

What you should consider: Some users noted that the air holes in the item tear easily during transportation.

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Best giant bean bag chair for the money

Jaxx 6ft Cocoon

Jaxx 6ft Cocoon

What do you want to know: This bean bag chair is machine washable and available in multiple colors. No assembly is required.

What you will love: This item is filled with foam and is comfortable. It is safely made with durable zippers that keep the filler closed. It comes with a one year warranty.

What you should consider: Over time, the memory foam flattens out and the indentations stay permanently in the chair, making for an uncomfortable lounging experience.

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Worth checking out

Big Joe Fuf Bean Bag and Lounge Chair

Big Joe Fuf Bean Bag and Lounge Chair

What do you want to know: This large pouf is available in four colors and is filled with comfortable foam. The cover is made of a soft and plush material and is machine washable.

What you will love: This item is childproof and can hold up to 600 lbs. It is made with durable material and will never go flat. There are handles on this item for easy carrying.

What you should consider: This item requires assembly and may take up to two days for the foam to fully expand for use. This item is not lightweight and may be difficult for some to carry.

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