• A video of a do-it-yourself fashion hack currently trending on social media has impressed several netizens
  • In the video, a pair of black water-resistant slippers transform into a pair of dazzling shoes
  • Just a while ago, a young man went viral on the internet after a video emerged showing off his LV sports jacket and bag

If you have several pairs of beach slippers lying around the house and don’t know what to do with them, then this article is for you.

In a video that seems to have wowed many netizens, a pair of basic beach/bathroom slippers can be seen getting a makeover.

The video has since gone viral. Credit: Mimos d’Nina
Source: Instagram

In the first part of the video, the straps of the liner are cut before being reattached in another form.

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A few appliqués are then glued to the strap of the slippers, giving it a whole new look.

Watch the video below:

A man shows off a Louis Vuitton bag he turned into a jacket in a trending video

The high-end brand Louis Vuitton has, over the years, met the fashion needs of luxury lovers. And their items aren’t cheap.

Perhaps this explains why some people make sure to get as much bang for their buck as possible.

Like turning your sports bag into a jacket. This is the case as seen in a now trending video in which a man is seen showing off his LV gym bag which he has turned into a jacket.

Couture of poverty: Reactions to the report of the sale of Balenciaga sneakers for N768k

Social media users are buzzing with mixed reactions following Balenciaga’s latest campaign that puts destroyed shoes up for sale.

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For the campaign for their new Parisian sneakers, the luxury fashion house released an exaggerated version of the distressed shoes.

Paper reports that according to a statement, the still life portraits of the extremely dirty shoes are simply meant to suggest that the new Paris sneakers “are meant to be worn for a lifetime.”

However, there are 100 “extra destroyed” sneakers available for sale in black or white and they aren’t as tattered and extreme as the faux campaign styles, reports Paper.

Source: Legit.ng