BLOCK – The Colorado women’s tennis team joined the IMPACT team on Saturday and signed a pair of sisters, Clara Chi-Hasselback, 8, and sister Allison, 5, to the team’s national letters of intent. Impact.

“Today is a special day for our program,” said head coach Anthony Pham. “The common theme about tennis for Colorado is that we ask our players to play without fear, without selfishness and never giving up. As we get to know Clara and Allison, we know they embody all of these qualities. We are so happy to have them join our CU family.”

Clara, a 4-foot-3 student from Monarch PK-8 in Louisville, joins the team and is very excited about learning to play tennis with the Buffaloes. She enjoys reading, dancing and playing softball. Clara inspires to become a fashion designer after school and enjoys learning science, math and art.

Allison is a kindergartner at Monarch PK-8 and is 3ft 4in tall. She loves math, science and music. Allison has a very large collection of stuffed animals and aspires to one day become a veterinarian.

The Buffaloes’ newest members will be able to cheer on their teammates starting Jan. 20 when the team hosts Weber State for the first doubleheader of the 2023 season.

About Team Impact:

The IMPACT team matches children facing serious illness and disability with college sports teams, creating a long-term, life-changing experience for everyone involved. For a healthy child, there are a number of systems through their family, school, or wider community where they can find support and socialization. For children living with a serious illness or disability, these systems can be strained. The IMPACT team provides a safe, supportive and encouraging environment for a child and their family to connect with a varsity sports team and the local campus community.