For sneakerheads, shoes are an extension of their true selves. In fact, every pair in their ginormous collection carries a piece of their true nature.

With Ox Street, all pairs are sent to an authentication center, where a team of experts compares them to the actual product or a database of the image

People buy sneakers for various reasons. Those who dress for comfort really appreciate the soft soles, which are perfect for long walks. Others like to show off flashy colors on their feet while a more distinct group are in heaven when they can pick up a limited edition pair. This team of sneaker lovers don’t care, lining up outside stores for hours just to buy their rare shoes.

The good news is that Carousel Philippines now offers Ox Street, the new playground for local sneaker lovers, Ox Street is the fastest growing end-to-end marketplace for authenticated sneakers and streetwear in the region. Instead of getting their dream pair on their own, via FB Messenger, which leads to dating, sneaker fans now have a legit and truly trusted platform where they can resell or buy sneakers from quality.

And while authenticity is a major factor, when purchasing limited-edition shoes, with Ox Street, users are assured of the safety and authenticity of the sneakers they will be buying or reselling.

Ox Street Founder and CEO Gijs Verheijke explains: “Imagine a casual shopper meeting a salesperson or standing in the store, what will you do? You can’t ask the seller, if it’s genuine, of course they’ll say ‘yes’, you can’t authenticate yourself on the spot, you have to compare it to several pairs or have the real thing with you,” a- he declared.

Ox Street founder and CEO Gijs Verheijke assures users of the safety and authenticity of the sneakers they will buy or sell.

With Ox Street, all pairs are sent to an authentication center, where a team of experts compares them to the actual product or a database of the image. He added that the process also has a “secret sauce” that guarantees the authenticity of the pair.

Gijs launched the company in 2019. After spending years in finance and building markets, he decided to revisit his love for sneakers. “I remember when I was ten, my classmate had a pair of Air Max Ones. The very idea of ​​walking on air was the best thing in the world. I had no money and the shoes were too expensive. I started delivering newspapers and doing odd jobs so I could buy the shoes I wanted. Since then, I tend to hoard too many shoes,” he said.

Although he loves the shoes, he stressed that he is not a collector, those who buy a pair only to display them in a shop window, with strict instructions to keep them new. “I wear every pair I buy. For me, it’s more about self-expression.

When he moved to Singapore, he remembers having trouble getting hold of limited-edition shoes. With his background in building markets, complemented by his fascination with comfortable footwear, Ox Street was born, “I felt like it was the natural thing to do,” he said.

Before the platform, sneaker collectors had to source their shoes themselves, mostly from boutiques like Titan or from independent online sellers through Facebook. If you walk past the Titan store at BGC and wonder why there was a long line of people before the store even opened, they are actually collectors eager to get their hands on a limited-edition pair.

“Can you believe that resellers actually hire people to line up for them,” said Jasper Delegencia, marketing manager for Ox Street. “With Ox Street there is no need for long queues, buyers are sure to get a genuine pair even if the transaction is done online. “People can sell on the platform and that’s very secure as we authenticate everything that arrives before it reaches the buyer.”

Buying rare shoes is no longer a clandestine activity, no need for secret meetings. At the top of the platform’s agenda for the Philippines is reaching out to local users for feedback. “We participate in relevant events and gatherings. We also partner with various local brands to help Filipino small businesses.

Ox Street is part of the Carousell Group, the premier community marketplace platform.