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Fortnite’s Balenciaga crossover wants you to collect S sneakers for a new cosmetic spray. What is an S sneaker? This is a line of footwear from luxury brand Balenciaga, which recently launched a line of $ 1,000 Fortnite t-shirts that give JCPenney an air of high fashion.

Collecting S sneakers (40 to be exact) will net you the Knights Look Spray, which shows Fortnite’s X-Lord skin strung into one of Balenciaga’s large baggy jackets.

If you don’t know where to buy S sneakers, read our full guide below for more details.

Collect S sneakers in Fortnite Creative

For once in our lifetime, we actually have a Fortnite challenge that doesn’t happen on Battle Royale Island. Instead, you need to head to Fortnite Creative mode. To access it from the main menu, select the playlist area which allows you to choose different modes in Fortnite. Select the “Create” tab and you will be prompted to enter your own island hub.

Balenciaga took over the Creative Island hub with a bespoke space designed to resemble one of their stores.

Spread across the area, you’ll find some shiny S sneakers that look like this.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You will also find other S sneakers inside the Balenciaga store at the end of the hub. Look on the shelves and tables for the telltale glow of the sneakers. There is also a second floor which contains at least 10 sneakers.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As we mentioned above, you need to collect 40 S sneakers. So you will need to collect them both inside the store and outside. Scan the sides of the hub looking for tables and corners where the shoes can hide. You should be able to find 40 long before you discover each shoe.

Once you collect the 40S sneakers, the Knights Look Spray will be added to your locker.

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