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There’s a sort of ~ main character energy ~ sewn right into canvas tote bags. Am I going to have a picnic with five of my best friends for a snack on charcuterie boards? Will I take a plane to explore a small town in southern Italy?

Not exactly ?? I’m just going to class. No one needs to know that. (;

The tote bag hype is simple, really. Benefits: everything you need in one place! Cons: Everything you need in one place. Wearing a pair of headphones is an almost guaranteed way to tangle up every item.

Um, Airpod owners, you win this one.

The mega-cute accessory has been showing up on TikToks for months now, mostly in circles of New York influencers like Kate Bartlett. He even made an appearance on HBO Gossip Girl ?? as an activist Little Z wears bags supporting black-owned businesses, like this one from Melanin Apparel.

I saw it for the first time on the Instagram reels ?? during the summer, the hot girl shopping bag ?? the trend has completely taken over. Users posted a short clip of ?? What?? in my tote bag ??? while an unreleased version of a song by Lana Del Rey played in the background.

It gives me 2014 tumblr vibes, but more Pinterest-y. Does this make sense?

One of the biggest draws to the trend is the love it gives to Mother Nature. At the grocery store, it’s a little more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bags (note!). Attention, what ?? The Independent warns they might not be as durable as they appear.

While once a kind of backpack-only girl, tote bags have now taken over my life. I’m a staunch follower of the @totebagfan account on Instagram and I can’t even leave the house without a canvas anymore. bag. in the hand.

They’re cute * totes * and * functional * totes.

Are you a fan? Tweet me what’s in your tote bag at @nbakerARROW!

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