Dan Snyder’s grip on Washington’s commanders seems to be loosening a bit, but his control over the message seems stronger than ever.

As has been the case for most of its two decades as owner, fans are exceptionally angry with the Snyder family. Tanya Snyder was greeted with ‘sell the team’ chants when she was shown on the video board on Sunday, while other fans in the stands responded with signs that mirrored the chant.

Stadium security, however, was apparently not a fan of the silent protests from fans, with staff members ordering those who had fans to stand down with their signs.

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A fan says he was forced to put down the sign and instead chose to wear a paper bag that read “Sell the team.” Security also made him remove the bag.

Snyder’s ownership again came under fire, this time with the owner supposedly acting like he was cornered, threatening to “turn on” some owners.

At fall owner meetings, Colts owner Jim Irsay turned up the heat on Snyder, saying there should be momentum to remove Snyder as owner.

Such a decision would certainly please the fans present.