A regulation has been proposed making it mandatory for anyone who takes a dog to a public place to carry a bag to get rid of their poo.

The idea was suggested to Councilor Jarlath Munnelly by a constituent and will now be referred to Mayo County Council’s Strategic Environmental Policy Committee for consideration.

The Fine Gael councilor put forward a notional motion ahead of Monday’s Mayo County Council meeting proposing that the council introduce a by-law requiring anyone who takes a dog to a public place in Mayo to, at all times, wear a bag for this purpose to pick up dog excrement.

The motion received support from other elected members, Councilor Peter Flynn saying it was a simple idea – checking someone has a bag instead of trying to catch a dog pooping.

Councilor Munnelly said there was an epidemic of dog soiling in every county and they needed to take action to encourage people to change their behavior and clean up after their pets.

Councilor Neil Cruise said what was happening was shocking. If people could only have a little cop, they wouldn’t have to file motions like this.

“With dog care comes responsibility,” Councilor John Caulfield commented. If the regulation is adopted, let it be applied, he added.

Councilor Michael Loftus supports the motion, but is concerned about a director’s right to search a person.

What he saw was people putting dog poop in bags and then in the ditch. They needed more bins.

In a statement after the meeting, Councilor Munnelly said that from all areas of the county, the general public is reporting the same problem: the enjoyment of public amenities and public places is being ruined by irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up afterward. their dog.

His motion, he explained, would empower authorized members of Mayo County Council to require people who walk their dogs in a public place to carry a bag. Failure to comply with this regulation would result in a fine, which he suggested should be set at a minimum of €500.

This could lead to more people cleaning up after their dogs.

Councilor Munnelly added: “I don’t think this will solve everything, but maybe by making sure people carry a bag, lest they get fined, more people will use it then. to clean up after their dog. This could be enforced by authorized Mayo County Council staff, such as litter and dog sitters.