Credit Work Pool: how to anticipate its financing!


Do you imagine having a pool in your backyard? This project represents a big budget, that it is not always probable to finance cash.

Pool credit could be a way to make your project a real possibility without waiting for the full income.

Give living to your project with a swimming pool credit

Give life to your project with a pool credit

The tasks behind a desire for going swimming are numerous:

  • You live in a sunny area and want to have a water stage in your garden to cool-down in fine weather.
  • You love to go swimming, a pool at home would certainly offer you the comfort associated with indulging your favorite sport with out moving from home.
  • You have children and aspire to share good moments along with family thanks to a pool.
  • You want to include value to your home: a swimming pool is always a plus, which boosts the economic value of real estate.

The pool credit is the solution to recognize your dream:

  • You can buy or have your swimming pool built even if you do not have the required savings immediately.
  • The pool credit is perfect for everyone: owners of principal residence, secondary, but also in order to tenants.
  • The particular pool credit can allow you to definitely finance the ancillary expenses: robot, tarpaulin, shelter home heating, etc .
  • The eye rates are down plus make the pool loans actually interesting.

How much to borrow for that purchase of your pool?

How much to borrow for the purchase of your pool?

To know the amount to lend, everything depends on the type of swimming pool you want to have:

  • How to install the particular pool:
    • Semi-underground and buried pools: this to be provided for these private pools is quite significant because, besides the price of the pool, it is crucial to budget the work which will be essential to the installation of the swimming pool (earthworks, drainage, etc . ). In total, an underground swimming pool can cost between 10 500 and 30 000 € on average.
    • Swimming pools above ground: this type of swimming pool is cheaper because they property directly on the floor of your backyard. Expect between 250 plus 15 000 € based on its size and the high quality of the pool.
  • The layer used:
    • For the wooden pool: expect among € 2, 000 plus € 11, 000 with respect to the type of pool and the high quality of the wood.
    • For concrete: the first costs start at 10, 000 or even 25, 000 €, based on the concrete structure.
    • For a polyester shell swimming pool: if installed by an expert, count between 15, 1000 and 30, 000 €.

The acquisition of the pool will necessarily include additional costs, which should be taken into account:

  • Robot or vacuum swimming pool, for easy maintenance: anticipate on average € 1, 1000.
  • Tarpaulin or even shutter, to keep the heat of the pool at night: expect regarding 30 € per m² for a manual model, with least 70 € for each m² for an automatic design.
  • Security program: an alarm and / or the barrier around the pool is going to be essential. A removable hurdle costs between € one, 000 and € two, 000 for a pool associated with standard dimensions. Submerged sensors cost at least 250 €.

Do you realize?

A swimming pool is a big budget. The option of the professional to who you entrust this task must be considered:

  • Make sure that the swimming pool is well listed.
  • Check that it offers a good after-sales service, as well as a ten-year guarantee, which protects the particular possible malfunctions of your pool over the next 10 years.
  • Be wary of as well tempting offers, they can occasionally hide a lack of quality.

Which swimming pool credit to choose?

Which pool credit to choose?

The particular credit to finance the swimming pool is a work mortgage. There are different ones:

  • The loan allotted: with the amount borrowed through an assigned credit, you need to provide evidence that your costs correspond to the property provided just for in the loan agreement. In case you ultimately do not buy a swimming pool, the loan agreement can lapse.
  • Personal bank loan: the amount borrowed can be used when you wish. You will not need to warrant your expenses.

To note:

The loan works may borrow between 200 plus 75 000 € optimum. The maximum repayment term can vary depending on which lending company you are dealing with, but may generally be up to 10 years.

The revolving credit score, or formerly known as “revolving”, is another option. Its concept is to put at your disposal the reserve of money, to use as you want, in whole or only simply.
As you pay back the loan, the money provide is rebuilt.

Did you know?

It really is mandatory to secure the swimming pool by equipping it along with at least one of these elements:

  • a defensive barrier;
  • a good audible alarm
  • a tarpaulin or safety blanket;
  • the pool enclosure that totally covers the pool.

If you do not regard this obligation, you danger a fine of up to € forty five, 000.

Ways to get the personal loan for your swimming pool?

How to get the personal loan for your pool?

Our comparator will help you to have access to the best rates associated with work loans negotiated with the partners. You indicate the total amount you wish to borrow, the pay back term, and you will have access to the particular credit rates that match your needs.

When the lender has chosen, it will eventually ask you for the required documents to develop your document (non-exhaustive list):

  • a proof of deal with of less than 3 months;
  • a valid proof of identification;
  • your final 3 statements of accounts, as well as those of your spouse in the event that he / she is co-owner from the loan;
  • your own last 3 pay slides and those of your spouse.

The items to become provided may vary slightly with respect to the establishment you are using. Right after analyzing your file, we are going to send you a personalized mortgage offer. After signing the particular offer, you have 14 days in order to exercise your right associated with withdrawal.

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