Fashion can be stunning without blowing up the planet, these pearls of wisdom were spoken loud and clear by aspiring sustainable designer Pratyush Kumar. Kumar’s Pious brand went on to win the Circular Design Challenge 2022, kicking off Sustainable Fashion Day on an eco-friendly note.

Pious by Pratyush Kumar uses the deconstruction and reconstruction of old clothing and discarded rugs to give them an extended lifespan. (Picture: Instagram)

For the past 10 years, Day 2 is all about all things sustainable on the trail. Again this year, natural fibers, social messaging and handcrafted designs have been beautifully woven into the season’s flowing silhouettes. From contemporary silhouettes made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials to textiles made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles, each design was a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.

The history of colors and textures of the Vaishali S Fil Rouge collection celebrated sustainability, creativity and innovation on the catwalk.

In the wake of what our planet Earth is going through due to pollution and overflowing landfills, Sustainable Fashion Day has made a conscious effort to send a message that we are in this together and that making responsible choices is the way to be continued. The lineup featured a range of designers, including Antar Agni by Ujjawal Dubey, Divyam Mehta, Karishma Shahani Khan, Khanijo by Gaurav Khanijo, Abhishek Gupta Benares, Anavila and Mossi Traoré.

Lighting the runway in handwoven, eco-friendly and innovative zero-waste technique, the showcases proved that sustainable can be sexy and stylish.


(LR) Ring in the festivities with the creations of Anju Modi, Charu Parashar and Pratima Pandey. (Picture: Instagram)

Inspired by Devdas’ beautiful Paro, fashion designer Pratima Pandey tried to bring her beauty to the runway in the form of design. The collection included scarves over shirts, maxis, shirts, tunics, skirts, all luxuriously layered in fragile fabrics, some with lace detailing. Renowned designer Anju Modi’s creation implemented a sattvic color palette featuring haldi, chandan and kesari, a favorite at wedding festivities. Adding her expertise in bridal wear to the runway, ace designer Charu Parashar showcased her handcrafted The Khadi Bride pre-wedding line with love and color prints.


(LR): Silhouettes showcasing prints created by Payal Pratap, Diksha Khanna and Rajesh Pratap Singh. (Picture: Instagram)

Payal Pratap embarks on a nostalgic journey with its JAVA collection focused on prints representing fauna and flora. Using motifs of flowers, trees and birds, the hand painted artworks were created on Bemberg fabrics such as satins, chiffons, mulmul and silk blends. On the other hand, Diksha Khanna found inspiration in the arid landscape of Ladakh and transformed it into a dazzling range of clothing. The focal point of his collection was the eco-friendly foil print that emphasized the sustainable process. Satya Paul from Rajesh Pratap Singh presented New Order – a collection featuring a myriad of colorful and artistic prints created on sustainable fabrics by R|Elan™️.


Nitin Bal Chauhan’s collection titled Countdown addresses serious issues such as urbanization, air pollution and deforestation. (Photo: Instagram) Fashion designer Nitin Bal Chauhan’s countdown was designed to raise awareness of how our collective action and unsustainable growth are driving our planet to a point of no return. And that too, at an alarming rate. Fashion-forward silhouettes and headwear were artistically brought to life on the catwalk using Graviky Ink, which is made from carbon, salvaged from vehicles, smokestacks, and more. The collection explored unconventional construction, creative pattern making and innovative 3D hand embroidery techniques.

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