The Take OFF Luggage Bag measures 20″H x 14″W x 8″D inches and comes with four removable wheels to convert it into an under-seat bag at no cost. // Courtesy of Take OFF Baggage

As more and more airlines charge for carry-on baggage, making surcharges a painful inconvenience of flying, Detroit entrepreneur Stephen Davis today launched a more compact travel solution.

Called Take OFF luggage, Davis designed a carry-on in which the wheels easily detach, allowing the bag to be stowed as a personal item under the seat for passengers to take on board for free.

Davis, a native Detroiter who earned a BS in business marketing from Oakland University at Rochester Hills in 2006, used his experience to research and design a solution-focused travel product, putting more than one year in development and testing to get the final product ready for the market.

Take OFF luggage, which costs $119, is available at and on Amazon. Hard-shell luggage features TSA-approved locks and double-sided interior storage compartments.

“Being a frequent passenger on a budget airline, to keep costs down, I couldn’t believe when they started charging me to roll my own bag to my flight and lift it into the overhead compartment,” says Davis, founder of OFF Luggage. “Since underseat bags are always free, I tried to find a bag this size that would hold everything I needed to carry.”

Davis says he couldn’t find a suitable alternative, noting that he once traveled with a friend who solved his problem by packing a bag of books. But Davis wanted a sophisticated luggage-style bag small enough to be considered a personal item.

Then the realization hit him – without the wheels, many small, high-quality rolling bags would fit under the airplane seat.

From there, Davis developed a compact bag equipped with four 360-degree spinner wheels that can be removed with the press of a button. With the wheels removed, the suitcase has carry-on capacity but is still the size of a free personal item.

The Take OFF Luggage Bag measures 20″H x 14″W x 8″D inches and comes with four removable wheels. The wheels are removed by pressing two yellow tabs on each wheel to reduce the bag’s length from 20″ to 18″ – allowing it to fit under most seats.

When the plane lands, the wheels can be put back in place by aligning the two yellow tabs with the openings on the wheels and pressing together until the wheel snaps back into place.

Take OFF luggage is currently available in five colors, black, blue, rose gold, champagne and silver.

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