MARK SHENEFELT, Standard Examiner

The Farmington 2nd District Courthouse is pictured November 1, 2021.

FARMINGTON — A 75-year-old man was given three suspended prison sentences on Tuesday and must serve four years of probation for what the judge described as the “terrible and heinous” beating and sexual assault of a resident of an assisted living facility.

District Attorney Matthew Hansen of the Davis County District Attorney’s Office showed the court a photo of the victim, the lower half of his face bruised a deep reddish-purple. Hansen said the defendant, David Scott Watson, “should go to jail” due to the gravity of the crimes that occurred on March 28, 2021.

Watson pleaded guilty Dec. 21 to a first-degree felony with aggravated burglary and two counts of second-degree forcible sexual abuse. In a plea bargain, prosecutors agreed to dismiss charges of object rape and aggravated assault.

A Layton police arrest affidavit said the woman called police around 5:15 a.m. that Sunday, saying she was woken by Watson punching her in the face and chest and screaming that he was going to sexually assault her.

She said she fired back at the attacker, who was wearing a dark dress, black work gloves and no shoes.

“After some time of fighting, the suspect became exhausted,” the arrest affidavit states, adding that the victim had limited movement and was unable to flee.

Watson took off her dress, got on the bed, took off her clothes, took off a glove, told her to touch his penis, and he touched his genitals, according to the affidavit.

The woman said that after getting up, Watson apparently passed out and hit his head, bleeding on the floor. He then put on his robe and left.

Defense attorney Wayne Caldwell asked Judge David J. Williams to be lenient with Watson. Caldwell said his client had lived an exemplary life, with a strong career and no criminal record. But after a divorce, Watson turned to heavy drinking.

Watson has health issues and is remorseful, Caldwell added.

“He lost consciousness while committing these crimes,” the lawyer said.

Hansen disputed that comment, saying Watson “was fed up with him wearing the gloves and getting rid of the gloves – that was immediately after the event.”

The prosecutor said Watson broke into the residence of a woman who didn’t know him, then grabbed her arms, covered her mouth so she had trouble breathing, then punched her repeatedly. times with closed fists to subdue her before the sexual abuse. “It was an incredibly powerful, flagrant and violent act,” Hansen said. “He knew what he was doing and was trying to cover it up.”

According to the arrest affidavit, a Layton police officer who arrived at the seniors’ residence around 5:30 a.m. said he saw an elderly man leaving the center carrying a white trash bag and throwing it into the dumpster of a nearby restaurant.

The man, identified as Watson, had a cut and dried blood on his head, and officers later found a black robe and gloves in the trash bag.

Williams asked Watson if he had anything to say.

“It was so out of place for me, a very short episode because of the alcohol,” Watson said. “I just can’t account for it. Based on the rest of my life, I deserve a second chance, a few years of peace and quiet.

Watson added: ‘I apologize to that poor lady. I wish I could go back to when I had my first drink that day and not do it.

Williams called Watson’s actions a “terrible crime”. It was a heinous and violent thing, and yet we have the mitigating factors.

He sentenced Watson to five years to life for the burglary and one to 15 years for each of the forcible sexual abuse counts. He suspended the sentences and imposed a jail term, with credit for time served, meaning Watson was released from Davis County Jail later Tuesday. He imposed standard probation terms, such as mental health and substance abuse assessments and cognitive behavioral therapy.


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