MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, Feb. 3, 2022 / — Many brands claim to empower women, but you rarely find products that are literally made in their image. Illogical Dreamers creates plant-based Italian Sacchetto shoes for this very purpose. Let’s take a moment to consider the women of today – Earth-conscious and absolutely committed to improving the world around them. Illogical Dreamers makes shoes that reflect each of these traits.

Let’s start with some facts. Research by Mintel (with 2,000 people) shows that women care deeply about the environment and the majority of them, 71%, are trying to adopt a more eco-friendly life. Likewise, Illogical Dreamers creates planet-friendly, plant-based footwear that reduces its carbon footprint. The “leather” used in their shoes is made from corn, providing a whopping 32% reduction in ozone depletion and xxx. The outsoles are made from 65% plant-based rubber and 35% recycled rubber. The soles use 100% natural materials: coconut fiber, glued with vegetable latex.

CEO Emilia Higashi thinks there’s nothing more powerful than women who feel good about themselves. To honor this, she spent over a year working with artisans in Italy to develop the ultimate plant-based ballerina. The shoe uses a classic method deeply rooted in Italian heritage – the Sacchetto construction – which encircles the foot like a comfortable “sock”. As a result, you feel like you’re wearing a buttery-soft slipper wherever you wear it. Illogical Dreamers became one of the first in the world to create a plant-based Sacchetto.

Just like all those multitasking ladies, Illogical Dreamers ballerinas offer a variety of anklets designed to be just as versatile. A kind of “one shoe for all”. While the ballerina on its own provides a timeless and cool vibe, the anklets allow the shoe to be easily extended to a variety of looks, from casual to dressy.

It’s not just about what goes into the shoes either. Illogical Dreamers created an enduring shoe inspired by all those badass women working to build a better world. The outsoles are cleverly embossed with an inspirational message: ‘Crush and Repeat’. It’s just a little reminder for women who change the world to keep achieving their goals, again and again.

Finally, because women are so determined to make the world a better place, Illogical Dreamers plants a tree for every shoe sold. They also donate 1% of their profits to their artisans, while helping them switch to more sustainable materials. It’s clear that Illogical Dreamers doesn’t just make shoes for world-changing women, it makes shoes directly inspired by them. It’s right there in their manifesto: “Powerful women get even more powerful in stylish, comfortable shoes.” Say hello to the unicorn of the shoe world. A modern shoe inspired by the modern woman.

Illogical Dreamers is launching its brand in February via a Kickstarter campaign.

Illogical Dreamers is a global collective that challenges industry norms. It’s their mission to create footwear that uplifts – and in the process, to bring the world a transformative business model where products are created sustainably, artisans are partners, and women are beyond empowerment.

To learn more, visit / @illogical.dreamers.

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