Is your style the perfect blend of sport and femininity? You might like to dress up, but prefer comfortable, athletic sneakers that keep your look balanced and accessible. We don’t blame you. After all, studies show that high heels are the biggest culprit in foot pain in women! Ready to give your signature look a new twist? Here are some tips for wearing sneakers with a dress.

When you know how to wear sneakers with a dress, you can reinvent your wardrobe and help the pieces in your wardrobe get the most out of it. From casual to sophisticated sneakers, there is a pair to complement any type of evening outfit in your collection.

Why this look works
Does the idea of ​​pairing dresses and sneakers raise eyebrows? If so, you might be surprised to find that this look is more edgy than you think. In fact, it popped up all over the place during a recent London Fashion Week!

In fact, sneakers are popping up on catwalks around the world, paired just as easily with long, flowing dresses. From high-end sports models to simple and classic options, there are so many options!

However, it’s one thing to see the latest models rock this look. How can you translate it into your everyday ensembles? Here are some tips to remember.

.1. Match patterns with solid colors
The key to wearing sneakers with a dress? You have to be prepared to think outside the box. If your dress is a solid color, you can have fun with your casual shoes. It’s a great place to inject some color, pattern, and personality into your outfit!
Low cut with a round toe and flat heel, these are the go-anywhere sneakers that pair perfectly with everything from your favorite jeans to your must-have shift dress.

2. Keep it simple with patterned dresses
While wild patterned sneakers look great with simple dresses, the same does not hold true for more elaborate one-pieces. If your dress has a pattern, it’s best to stick with a simple pair of monochrome sneakers to add proper balance. Otherwise, mixing two wild styles could overwhelm your look. Thinking of wearing a floral midi dress? What about a polka dot ground length? Either way, choosing a pair of solid-colored sneakers provides the perfect touch. Of course, that doesn’t mean the look has to be boring! There are many ways to let your style shine through.

3. Think about your accessories
Are you planning to wear a clutch while wearing your dress? Have you cinched your waist with a skinny belt or thrown a colorful ribbon through your hair? You can accessorize a dress in a thousand different ways, using jewelry, handbags, scarves, gloves, watches, etc. When planning your outfit, consider pairing your sneakers with your accessories. You can either match the colors or choose complementary colors that go well together.

4. Let the length guide you

Even the most understated sneakers will be bulkier than a pair of dainty sandals or heels. That said, sneakers generally go best with summer dresses that are light and casual enough to wear on a daily basis. To find the perfect pair, think about the total length of your dress. If it is ankle length or drags on the floor, a flat, low pair will work best. On the other hand, a pair of high top sneakers will go very well with a mid-rise piece or a mini dress!
With short dresses you can go a little taller and hang on.

5. Think about the event
Looking for casual sneakers that you can wear to work every day? Or do you need a great pair that you can wear to a formal event. Thinking about where you plan to launch your new sneakers can help you choose an appropriate style.

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