Christian Louboutin Pascher Sun, 26 Sep 2021 11:01:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Christian Louboutin Pascher 32 32 12-year-old Yukoner leads a family hunt and catches her first moose Sun, 26 Sep 2021 10:00:00 +0000

Some 12-year-olds dream of a trip to Disneyland. For Hannah Welsh, her dream was to lead her family’s annual hunt and catch her first moose.

This year, that’s exactly what the young Yukoner has done.

“I learned that I could finally shoot with my eyes open,” Welsh said.

Hunting trips are nothing new to the Welsh. She was still in childbirth the first time she went out with her family and has been hunting every year since.

“The great thing about hunting is that you have to take on a tough challenge together,” she said. “You are really bonded and connected with the people you are with, and in my case, that’s my family.”

It has become a tradition for Hannah and her family to go on an annual moose hunt, but this is her first time leading the hunt.

Hannah was still in diapers the first time she went hunting with her family. It has been every year since. (Jim Welsh)

Yukoners must be at least 12 years old before they can apply for a Big Game License.

Knowing that she would reach that mark this year, Hannah approached her father in January to ask if she could lead this year’s family hunt.

“Our family has always spent a lot of time on earth and we really appreciate this time spent together,” said his father, Jim.

“It was really cool that Hannah came to ask us and it really showed us how much she appreciates the experience and our family being together.”

She really focused, she worked hard, and she practiced all the things that hunters are supposed to do.– Jim Welsh, Hannah’s father

Big game hunting is hard work in the Yukon wilderness.

The days are long, the weather unpredictable, and there are lots of grizzly bears.

None of this deterred the young hunter.

The hard work begins

The first step in preparing to lead the hunt was to make sure she could shoot well enough.

This led to weekly trips to the shooting range.

“We practiced shooting at different distances and at different speeds,” said Hannah. “I also took a hunting education course to find out where the vital zone is between women and men and what is legal and what is not.”

Hannah’s dedication was not lost on her father, who works as the Hunter Education Coordinator for the Government of Yukon.

“She really focused, she worked hard, and she practiced all the things hunters are supposed to do,” Jim said. “She did a lot more prep than I think a lot of adults and seasoned hunters do.”

Hunting has always been an important part of the life of Hannah Welsh, seen here with her mother Catherine McCarthy. (Jim Welsh)

This preparation included learning to respect not only the animal but also the earth.

“It’s a great thing to take an animal’s life and you want to do it right,” Jim said.

The hunt

As any hunter will tell you, getting an animal is not a guarantee.

For Hannah, it looked like she might come home from her first moose hunt empty-handed.

It was the fifth day of the trip and after more than 50 kilometers of hiking, the family had decided it would be their last day.

Then their luck changed.

“I saw the moose cross the lake and I was pretty excited,” said Hannah.

“All of a sudden we’re running around the campground picking up all of our stuff,” Hannah said. “It’s the first time I’ve seen my dad run … we ran about a mile down the beach.”

Soon it was time for Hannah to apply her months of training.

“We had to make sure we had a good standing wide shot,” said Hannah. “If you don’t, you hurt the animal and that would suck.”

After a successful moose call from dad and a final cleaning of her glasses, Hannah focused and took the picture.

“My dad said he heard the sound of a heart stroke in both lungs. I shot two more times and then the moose fell,” Hannah said.

“It was a mixture of emotions, but I think the feeling I felt the most was sympathy for this animal, because it was alive too.”

On the last day of the hunt, Hannah managed to bring this moose down. She then helped her father dress the animal in the field and eventually donated some of the meat to some Aboriginal Elders in the Yukon. (Jim Welsh)

After thanking the animal, Hannah and her father took care of the dressing of the land.

It also turned out to be a challenge, as in the excitement of the moment, they discovered that their ax was back at camp.

“Dad had to take his t-shirt off in the pouring rain in the dark and crawl inside the moose and get all the guts out of it,” Hannah said.

“This is how much everyone loves their kids,” Jim said. “It was a cold, hard night, but Hannah deserved it, and Hannah dived with me.”

Upon returning home, the heart and liver were donated to Yukon First Nations Elders and a portion of the moose was donated to Hannah’s aunt.

“He’s a really important and special person in my life,” Hannah said.

Hannah is already getting ready for next year’s family hunt – this time hoping to catch a sheep.

Hannah’s family has been hunting together since the birth of the children. (Jim Welsh)

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]]> 0 Prudent Gabriel advises Nigerian designers to be more original Sat, 25 Sep 2021 23:47:41 +0000

Lagos-based fashion designer Prudent Gabriel advised Nigerian fashion designers to be more original with their designs and to copy foreign trends less. Prudent Gabriel is a remarkable African fashion designer who is ready to reach for the sky with her exquisite designs. Army with the vision to share her passion with the world and create solutions by providing employment opportunities to many women through fashion. The model turned designer is the executive director of the Prudential Fashion Academy; and the CEO of Prudential Styling.

Until today, foreign fashion still influences what many people wear, but luckily many Nigerians adopt ethnic and traditional clothes like Asoebi, wearing them to official and social functions. The Nigerian fashion industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Nigerian designers are increasingly recognized around the world and make the nation proud of their creations. Prudent Gabriel believes that Nigerian designers are improving their art on a daily basis and it is a joy to see. “We are doing better than before. We are more creative and blessed. I see us going higher and getting more global recognition. She said.

Still in today’s society, Prudent understands that many designers confuse trend with style. “Being trendy” is actually what deters a lot of people from looking for style, as they associate quirky designs and style with what is popular. Authentic designs stem from genuine creativity.

In her statement, the CEO of Prudential Styling said, “The point is, I’m not saying people shouldn’t take designs from foreign designers; because as a fashion designer we naturally receive designs from a lot of people; also colors, flowers, fabrics and even nature itself. Inspiration can be obtained from anywhere, but my advice is that if you want to copy from someone or somewhere, this should come to you as an idea that will inspire you to produce your own design. . You can copy and recreate the style in a more refreshing way than even the original designer would see and have no idea the design was inspired by them.

She further stated that she encourages students at her Fashion Academy and those in her Facebook live classes that it is better for them to copy and recreate designs rather than copying and copying them. to stick on. Even though, at the end of the day, she still believes originality is the key to becoming exceptional. A fashion brand that creates unconventional styles and cutting edge pieces lasts longer. As a designer, fashion is your way of expressing yourself, a tool you use to stand out, make a statement, or even occasionally cause a scandal. Our love of fashion is not limited to a parade but to our daily life; just look at Instagram to see the role fashion plays. When you have a unique sense of style and share photos on Instagram, you are likely to gain a lot of followers. She also said: “This is always my advice to every Nigerian designer, to future designers and to those who admire me. Don’t be a copy-copy designer; instead, strive to be the best version of yourself.

Speaking of her clients, she said; “I also always pass the same message to my clients. I tell them if you want me to do a picture that you show me from somewhere, then that means you want to look like this person. It’s wrong; you should look more like yourself, wear what suits you and do what suits you. This is why we offer a “style consultation” at Prudential Styling, as it is very important that customers can know and identify their style personality and get the right style designs for themselves. We offer styling solutions to clients and help them create tailored designs from scratch inspired by other designs they’ve loved, and in the end, they’ll look like the best version of themselves according to them. what they wanted or admired was originality.

She explained that this is why people who like to look trendy, chic and comfortable can wear her designs, because when making outfits, she looks at the color, fit and fabric to know what will suit. his client. “As I also tell my clients, if you want me to make Asoebi for you, and you send me pictures from Instagram and you want me to create exactly what you sent. When you wear this outfit, people who’ve seen her on Instagram before, whether it’s Asoebi Bella or Asoebi Styles and other fashion blogs will automatically know you’ve copied what you’re wearing from someone else. ”She continued.

“So be the original person, be the originator of your own design so that people can also be inspired by you. Don’t do things on impulse, but rather reflect. Have the passion and desire to stand out in the fashion industry. she said finally. This is why Nigerian designers should be on the path to originality. Let your style begin to express your authentic personality today and have fun discovering it along the way.

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Gucci Launches Vault Vintage Site During Milan Fashion Week | Economic news Sat, 25 Sep 2021 19:34:24 +0000

By COLLEEN BARRY, AP Fashion Editor

MILAN (AP) – Fashion houses trying to figure out how to reach new eyes after the long ordeal of the pandemic have focused around a singular idea: collaborations.

Many do it, in big and small ways. Gucci, which “hacked” Balenciaga last season, is now launching an e-commerce site featuring refurbished vintage Gucci products and capsule collections from young designers. The hatter Borsalino collaborates with the French brand Ami Paris and the equestrian-inspired brand Acheval.

If the fashion industry is going to change, now is the time, insiders say, even if the temptation to revert to old ways is great.

Highlights of the fourth day of the Milan parades on Saturday for next spring and summer:

Political cartoons about world leaders

Political cartoons

Gucci launched an e-commerce site on Saturday featuring refurbished vintage Gucci pieces as well as capsule collections from young designers chosen by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

Michele said the project grew out of his long-standing obsession with the fashion collection, including Gucci items even before joining the brand.

“Yes, I do this job to tell stories. But I also do it because I really like the objects, ” he told reporters in Milan.

Young designers featured included London-based Priya Ahluwalia. Nigerian and Indian in origin, Ahluwalia’s recycled collections have already found a large following ranging from sports figures like Lewis Hamilton to middle-aged hipsters.

“Completely out of the blue, I received a message from Gucci. I thought it was ad or spam, ” Ahluwalia said. “When I realized it was real, I was extremely happy.”

Michele said the brand has an extensive network of vintage Gucci sources, which it uses to reconstruct its archives. The launch includes a white Jackie bag meticulously maintained by its previous owner that he wanted to keep to himself.

Then, laughing, he said, “Who knows, maybe I’ll log on tonight and buy it myself!”

Gucci strayed from the Milan Fashion Week calendar, finding its own rhythms. Her next show will be on November 3 in Los Angeles, coinciding with the 10th LACMA Art – Film Gala, which Gucci is sponsoring.


Dolce & Gabbana wanted to shed some light on glamor with their latest collection – and they did. Their dazzling gazes lit up a searchlight that could easily be seen from orbit.

The silhouette was decidedly sexy, built around corsets, mini-dresses and sheer lingerie, fundamental elements of the brand’s creative language.

This season, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have gone all out with light-reflecting embellishments, covering clothes with rhinestones, adding pearls and indulging in metallic accents and fringes. The models walked down a mirrored runway under traveling spotlights.

Jackets densely adorned with jewels contrasting with narrow camouflage cargo pants or distressed jeans. Jackets in one series had sculpted sleeves straight out of the fashion show. The pants were low waisted, leaving room for the studded lingerie to look through.

The designers said the collection was a “reinterpretation of the aesthetic of the 2000s”. They paid tribute to Jennifer Lopez with a pair of J-Lo T-shirts.

Calmer moments were reserved for on-trend little black dresses with lace accents and open fronts revealing almost sheer corsets, and even even smaller black jumpsuits.

The shoes were stiletto heeled sandals with laces, knee high boots and mid-calf boots, which helped the quick final a bit as the models slowed down to descend the stairs. The boots were in satin, denim, camouflage and crocodile.

Each Dolce Box handbag had a unique design.

Although in Milan for the show, the creators virtually appeared on a screen for their traditional post-show bow.


With the world almost at a standstill, Arthur Arbesser’s team kicked off their creativity by recycling shipping boxes into cardboard flowers and crocheting fancy hats.

The title of the collection “Lost and Found” concretely refers to inspirations found in a family attic that spark happy memories, but it can also mean things lost and found during the pandemic, such as the joy of doing things in homes. quiet moments.

“I realized that it’s so important to do something with your hands because you get some kind of satisfaction, and we need satisfaction,” Arbesser said.

In the wake of the pandemic, the Milan-based Austrian designer happily ditched the runway for more personal presentations, transforming a storefront in Milan’s luxury shopping district into a creative studio adorned with a bespoke mural and displaying a new line of tablecloths with its latest collection.

The details of the mural became a decoration on a dress pocket. The long, romantic silhouettes contrast with the crop tops. A black and white checkered mini dress was paired with a square print shirt, while a short tapestry skirt had a youthful appeal. This season’s prints include naïve designs, colorful checkerboard prints with a pixel effect, alongside gingham, retro checks and stripes.

“The most important thing to keep going,” said Arbesser. “We are happy because we believe that our own well-being and that of your team and the people around you is so important.”


Nothing like a stop in the event of a pandemic to rethink a business.

164-year-old Italian hat maker Borsalino took the time to focus on new collaborations, expanding the brand to leather goods and scarves through licensing deals, relaunching its digital presence, optimizing production and eliminating faults in machinery that might otherwise be unused.

“It was a great break. We made decisions that were not easy to make before, ” said Philippe Camperio, the director of Haeres Equita behind the relaunch of Borsalino.

To reach new audiences and expand distribution, Borsalino collaborated with the Parisian brand Ami on a simple bell with a wavy edge and with Acheval on a raffia capsule collection with ribbons in the silhouettes of horses. The website now includes tutorials on how to cut and wear hats. And Borsalino is working with young designers from the Marangoni Fashion Institute to integrate hats into their stylistic language.

The Spring / Summer 2022 collection launched this week is a journey through Japan, Italy and South America. Dark denim baseball caps and bobs are personalized with charms or Geisha prints for a trendy Tokyo look. A hand-crocheted raffia hat represents Sicilian craftsmanship. And Ecuadorian influences shine through on the Panama hats with distinctive ribbons.

Each brand has a different response to how the pandemic has changed or challenged them.

“For us, it’s about embracing today’s values, being socially responsible, which includes sustainability and the circular economy, and diversity to attract everyone,” said the director creative Giacomo Santucci.


The Ferragamo woman for next summer is understated in an easy-to-wear silhouette with sexy moments.

Smocked dresses have a deep V and open backs, while more fitted wrap dresses feature suggestive slits. The pants were loose-fitting harem pants with wrapped details, associated, for example, with a crossover top.

“I wanted the collection to be feminine and sensual,” said design director Guillaume Meilland.

Men’s clothing included knit jumpsuits, low-rise pants with braided sashes, and bare-legged shorts under a coat jacket.

For women, the shoes have relaunched the Vara and Varina ballet flats in new materials including rattan, and an open toe sandal for him.

Brooke Shields, accompanied by her daughter Grier Hency, had a front row seat, along with American actors Ashley Benson, Madelyn Cline, Ashton Sanders and Ross Butler.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Bella Hadid Goes Sporty In Sweatpants And Sports Bra With Black Sneakers In NYC Sat, 25 Sep 2021 19:02:29 +0000

Bella Hadid makes shopping chic.

The model was seen yesterday in New York with her brother Anwar Hadid, sporting a sporty look that takes the races up a notch. Hadid wore a black and yellow athletic-centric outfit that included a pair of Adidas sweatpants, a black sports bra, and a sleek cropped black jacket on top. She accessorized the look with a chunky gold necklace and a pair of gold hoops personalized with her name engraved on them.

More New Shoes

Bella Hadid is spotted in New York.  - Credit: Robert O 'Neil /

Bella Hadid is spotted in New York. – Credit: Robert O’Neil /

Robert O’Neil /

A closer look at Bella Hadid's black sneakers.  - Credit: Robert O 'Neil /

Zoom on Bella Hadid’s black sneakers. – Credit: Robert O’Neil /

Robert O’Neil /

As for the shoes, Bella wore a pair of black sneakers which helped tie the ensemble together.

The model’s style is always at the forefront of fashion, including clothes like oversized suits, graphic-print separate pieces, and halter tops. For her iconic shoe aesthetic, Hadid gravitates towards pumps, striking boots, sleek sneakers, edgy strappy sandals, and airy heeled sandals. Hadid also has an affinity for the vintage-inspired sporty silhouettes of Prada, Christian Louboutin and Dr. Martens. She generally opts for designs by Alexandre Vauthier, Michael Kors, Von Dutch, Versace and Mugler.

Hadid is one of the most prominent models in the fashion industry and has run campaigns with brands such as Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Balmain and Giuseppe Zanotti. Hadid recently starred in Self-Portrait’s Spring / Summer 22 lookbook, which showed her with different personalities. She has also opened and participated in catwalks for brands like Off-White, Marc Jacobs, Khaite and Rodarte.

Below, black sneakers to give a sporty side to your outfits, inspired by Bella Hadid.

Credit: Foot Locker

Credit: Foot Locker

Walk-in locker

Buy: Nike Air Max 90 sneakers, $ 120.

Credit: Nike

Credit: Nike


Buy: Nike Air Max 90 sneakers, $ 170.

Credit: DSW

Credit: DSW


Buy: Nike Air Max SC sneakers, $ 75.

Click on the gallery to see the evolution of Bella Hadid’s street style.

Launch Gallery: The Evolution of Bella Hadid’s Street Style

The best of footwear

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Click here to read the full article.

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how fashion is digitized Sat, 25 Sep 2021 14:47:38 +0000

I’m subconsciously scrolling through Instagram when an image pops up out of the blur of “shoefies” (shoe selfies), inspirational quotes and sponsored posts. It’s a photo of a mermaid on a beach, perched on the sand against a backdrop of light blue ocean waves.

She is an embellished ivory fairytale vision, with dramatic bell sleeves and a tail. I sweep to the left and reality sets in. This is a digitally enhanced image – in the original, the woman wears a simple one-piece swimsuit: mundane and timeless.

With the pressures of looking perpetually perfect on Instagram, the mundane and time-honored things just won’t be enough. New, innovative, artistic and avant-garde are the necessary elements for an out of the ordinary fashion photo, and this enchanting image by the beach ticks all the boxes. The outfit, dubbed the Mythical Mermaid Dress, is the creation of Berlin-based virtual fashion designer Yifan Pu, and costs $ 129 to wear – digitally, that is – on the XR Couture virtual fashion platform.

Make fun of whatever you want, but in a market that is becoming more and more saturated by the day, digital fashion figures have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. They usually search, sometimes obsessively, for striking outfits and jaw-dropping backgrounds for their photos, in the never-ending quest to gain more likes and comments, elevate their Instagram status and outsmart it. algorithm of the platform with content that will appeal to all.

“Digital fashion gives them the ability to master their style by wearing outfits that don’t actually exist,” says Subham Jain, Founder and Creative Director of XR Couture.. “The growing culture of Instagram influencers and growing consumerism on social media has sparked a new way to create unique content. Digital fashion gives Generation Z the opportunity to redefine the way they express themselves, captivating their followers with absolutely spectacular outfits, while being eco-responsible.

If this is a trend, it certainly comes at the right time, both for its enduring appeal and the convenience of content creation. With athleisure and loungewear growing in popularity due to a more home-centric lifestyle brought on by the pandemic, many fashion enthusiasts now prefer simplicity to elaborate and exaggerated fashion. But for those looking to maintain an aesthetically intriguing social media presence, the basics can just be interpreted as boring.

Offering users ways to digitally don dramatic designs, specialized virtual fashion platforms, such as XR Couture, The Manufacturer and DressX, are gaining traction. XR Couture collaborates with a selection of multidisciplinary digital fashion designers specializing in the creation of 3D garments, which Jain says are “sewn together only in the digital realm”.

Customers can browse and purchase 3D models such as dresses, gowns, jackets, shirts, pants and even shoes, featuring futuristic, iridescent, galactic, metallic and other influences. “Our team of expert digital tailors ‘dresses’ their image and sends it [to their client]. Instead of waiting for the item in the mail, it arrives by email, ”Jain explains. And, to maintain that exclusivity advantage that also exists in actual fashion, the designs are only available in limited qualities – Jain says the resulting dress images have “long-term value.”

It’s a glorified way to photoshop fashion pieces unique to consumers, and it’s a trend. “In a world where there is a lot of the same content, this is a great way for influencers to make their content more different and more exciting,” says 3D digital artist Gigi Gorlova, who lives in Dubai, and believes that the main attraction of digital fashion is the fact that it is sustainable.

“Having to constantly buy clothes for new images is a waste. Using digital mode to produce fashion images is a great way to prevent faster fashion from ending up in landfills. “

When you indulge in digital fashion, you aren’t actually consuming, cleaning, storing or throwing away tangible clothing. “The current climate crisis requires us to rethink our relationship with fashion. Endless creations only pile up textile waste and lead to the massive generation of carbon footprints, ”Jain explains. “Digital fashion depletes nothing but imagination and data, eliminating the need for manufacturing and shipping, two of the most socially and environmentally damaging activities along the global supply chain of fashion.

Jain calls digital fashion “the rebirth that will clean up the fashion space”, and he’s not just referring to its ecological credentials. In a way, digital fashion also fights the elitism of the industry. “The inclusiveness and diversity of digital fashion makes it the democratization of the fashion industry, providing a huge opportunity to explore the creative freedom that is suitable for all genders, sizes and ages,” he explains. he.

Digitized fashion has already made an impact in the gaming sphere, where players can now purchase designer outfits for their virtual avatars. In March, Burberry launched its skins for the characters of the famous Chinese online battle game. Honor of kings. Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Legendary League, and Prada skins are available for avatars in Final Fantasy XIII. In May, a digital version of a Gucci Dionysus bag sold for over $ 4,000 – more than the retail value of an actual Dionysus – on the video game platform Roblox.

Earlier this year, Gucci also released a digital version of their sneakers for under $ 20 – far more affordable than their actual physical shoes. But while it may democratize fashion for digital connoisseurs, beyond Gen Z and Millennials, consumers of other ages may not see the appeal of clothes you can’t physically wear. in the real world.

Jain, however, sees potential for more demographics to embrace the virtual fashion movement. “When we started the business, it seemed overkill for many, including young people. Any new technology is first adopted by the digi-savvy and ultimately accepted by others, ”he explains.

Gorlova, who is one of the first female artists in the UAE to sell her 3D artwork as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), says: as physical items. Like all new technology, this is a new and unknown trend to explore. “

Increasingly popular in fashion, NFTs are markers that indicate the authenticity and ownership of digital files through blockchain encryptions. Gucci’s first NFT, a fashion film, was auctioned by Christie’s in June for $ 25,000. And while digital designs created for social media and games may target young consumers, luxury fashion house NFTs could attract an older, established clientele who are crypto-rich and covet rare and exclusive collectibles. .

Dolce and Gabbana, for example, recently entered the world of NFTs with its portable Collezione Genesi collection, available on the UNXD luxury digital marketplace. Her first NFT offering, a Dream Dress, is inspired by a vision of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, and its value will be appreciated by longtime fans of the legendary label.

While NFTs may not yet have a mass market appeal, digital fashion fundamentals provide groundbreaking support for future industry campaigns such as photoshoots, lookbooks, and catwalks. , which typically require fittings from in-person models, photographers and a seated audience. Such technology could be a game-changer for the marketing branches of fashion brands, likely sanctioning a mass overhaul and digitization of traditional branding activities.

Already, many fashion and beauty brands are implementing augmented reality technologies through high-tech experiences that help elevate the consumer journey, like Neiman Marcus’ MemoMi mirror, which allows shoppers to virtually try out. clothes and change the colors of the clothes. Color editing is also proving to be a popular technique for fashion bloggers, who practice using video and photo editing software to mimic the effect of different outfits.

On XR Couture, a set titled Jell-O Coords by Spanish 3D clothing designer Soledad Gallardo can be customized to any color preference. Deciding to try the digital fashion experience for myself, I select this outfit, eager to see what the different hues will look like and how real the result will appear. For a millennium, I have never been extremely tech-savvy. I don’t use calorie counting apps and keep track of my to-do lists and calendar dates in a traditional, tangible planner.

Luxe: the September issue

I am, however, an avid Instagram user and fashion enthusiast – the type of mainstream digital fashion the consumer caters to. I awkwardly pose for a photo and settle into a frame where I look sideways, my hair halfway up in the air. After receiving my images from XR Couture, digitally “dressed” from Jell-O Coords in various hues, I am impressed with how fluidly they are transferred to my body. While it looks designed and not entirely authentic, I realize that this is a line that has long been crossed, with social media filters that plump our skin, plump our lips, and change the color of our eyes.

If the predictions of digital fashion supporters turn out to be true, we might find ourselves buying clothes based on how well they stack up against the models, and the way we decorate our virtual selves might end up becoming more. relevant than the fashion that we’re really wearing you. But this millennial fashion writer is still uncertain about the purported benefits of this futuristic movement.

Despite all of its enduring selling points, it seems digital fashion for personal promotion still fuels the narcissistic and consumerist ideology of constantly sharing images of oneself adorned with new threads, whether traditional and tangible or tailored to the consumer. technology.

Update: September 25, 2021, 2:45 p.m.

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IPL 2021: DC spinner R Ashwin bags 250th T20 window | Cricket News Sat, 25 Sep 2021 14:08:00 +0000 ABU DHABI (UAE): Indian ace spinner R Ashwin pocketed his 250th T20 wicket on Saturday as he played for the Delhi Capitals in their Indian Premier League (IPL) meeting against the Rajasthan Royals at Sheikh Zayed Stadium.
Ashwin struck in his first game of the game as David Miller was puzzled. It was a poor South African southpaw cricket as he came out and tried a hard blow, but missed the ball by a mile.
Earlier at bat, Shreyas Iyer fought a lone battle at the top before Shimron Hetmyer hit a quick 28 to help the Delhi Capitals reach a respectable 154/6 in their 20 overs.

Delhi bowlers then made up for the team’s disappointing display with the bat to give the Rajasthan Royals a 33-point loss. Capitals bowling unit capped Royals at 121 for six
Iyer hit a 32-ball 43 before being kicked out of play by Rahul Tewatia to put Rajasthan back in the game. In fact, at one point it looked like Delhi was aiming for a score of around 180 with skipper Rishabh Pant and Iyer looking good in the middle.
But Mustafizur Rahman broke the 62-point bar when he fired Pant for 24. And that saw RR bowlers push their way into the game.
For RR, while Mustafizur finished with numbers 2/22, Chetan Sakariya took two wickets and gave 33 points.

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The passages of the week | Seattle weather Sat, 25 Sep 2021 03:00:00 +0000

Roger Michell, The 65-year-old British theater and film director best known for ‘Notting Hill’, the hugely popular 1999 romantic comedy that somewhat overshadowed the rest of his vast and diverse body of work, died on Wednesday. No further details were available. Although his success with “Notting Hill” propelled him to the top ranks of English-speaking directors, Michell kept a low profile, preferring to let his actors and writers shine – a quality that may explain why so many actors loved working with him. .

Melvin Van Peebles, 89, the filmmaker hailed as the godfather of modern black cinema and a pioneer of independent American cinema, died Tuesday at his New York home. His death was announced by his son Mario Van Peebles, the actor and director.

A Renaissance man whose work spanned books, theater and music, Melvin Van Peebles is best known for his third feature film, “Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song”. The film sizzled with explosive violence, explicit sex, and righteous antagonism towards the white power structure. It was dedicated to “all black brothers and sisters who have had enough of The Man”.

In addition to making films, Van Peebles has published novels, in both French and English; wrote two Broadway musicals and produced them simultaneously; and wrote and performed spoken word albums that many have called the ancestors of rap.

Willie Garson, 57 years old, a versatile actor best known for his work on “Sex and the City” and its spinoff films as one of the best friends of Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, and who went on to star in “White Collar “and has appeared in numerous other television shows and films, died of an unspecified illness on Tuesday,” People magazine reported.

Sarah Dash, The 76-year-old who co-founded the vocal group Labelle – best known for the raucous 1974 hit “Lady Marmalade” – died Monday. Patti LaBelle and Nona Hendryx completed the trio. They announced Dash’s death on social media on Monday. No cause of death has been disclosed.

Dash brought her church-rooted soprano and high harmonies to Labelle, who started out as a 1960s girl group before reinventing herself as an Afro-futuristic powerhouse and Afro-futuristic rock, clad in science outfits. – scintillating and singing fiction about revolution as well as earthy romance. In 1974, Labelle had a No. 1 hit, “Lady Marmalade,” and gave the first concert of a pop group – and a black group – at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

George Holliday, 61-year-old plumber whose video of Los Angeles cops beating black motorist Rodney King in 1991 tore apart a city already plagued by racial tensions, died on September 19 of complications from COVID-19 in a Los Angeles hospital.

After hearing the sirens, Holliday used a Sony Super8 Handycam video from his balcony to record the beating. After unsuccessfully offering the footage to the police, Holliday gave the videotape to KTLA-TV. The footage was widely viewed and used to prosecute the officers, who were found not guilty by a largely white jury, sparking violent protests. In a way that couldn’t be seen at the time, the mere act of Holliday hoisting a video camera over his shoulder was likely one of the first flickers of the citizen journalist movement to come.

Ruben Klamer, 99, an inventor who envisioned the game of life and many other toys and games that entertained young baby boomers in the pre-internet 50s and 60s, as well as their children in the 80s and 90s, died on 14 September at his home in La Jolla, California. The Game of Life has sold over 70 million copies in 59 countries. It has become such a part of the culture that he was inducted into the Permanent Archives of Family Life at the Smithsonian Institution in 1981.

Irma Kalish, 96, a television screenwriter who addressed abortion, rape and other provocative issues in many of the biggest comedy hits of the 1960s and beyond as she helped women enter the writers’ room , died September 3 in Woodland Hills, California.

Yolanda Lopez, 78, an artist and activist who created one of the most famous works of art in Chicano history by daringly remaking the Virgin of Guadalupe in her image – as a strong young brunette wearing running shoes and a big smile – passed away September 3 at her home in San Francisco. The cause was complications from liver cancer.

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Column: The cult of tote bags (09/24/21) Sat, 25 Sep 2021 00:50:41 +0000

Graphic by Nicolette Baker

There’s a sort of ~ main character energy ~ sewn right into canvas tote bags. Am I going to have a picnic with five of my best friends for a snack on charcuterie boards? Will I take a plane to explore a small town in southern Italy?

Not exactly ?? I’m just going to class. No one needs to know that. (;

The tote bag hype is simple, really. Benefits: everything you need in one place! Cons: Everything you need in one place. Wearing a pair of headphones is an almost guaranteed way to tangle up every item.

Um, Airpod owners, you win this one.

The mega-cute accessory has been showing up on TikToks for months now, mostly in circles of New York influencers like Kate Bartlett. He even made an appearance on HBO Gossip Girl ?? as an activist Little Z wears bags supporting black-owned businesses, like this one from Melanin Apparel.

I saw it for the first time on the Instagram reels ?? during the summer, the hot girl shopping bag ?? the trend has completely taken over. Users posted a short clip of ?? What?? in my tote bag ??? while an unreleased version of a song by Lana Del Rey played in the background.

It gives me 2014 tumblr vibes, but more Pinterest-y. Does this make sense?

One of the biggest draws to the trend is the love it gives to Mother Nature. At the grocery store, it’s a little more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bags (note!). Attention, what ?? The Independent warns they might not be as durable as they appear.

While once a kind of backpack-only girl, tote bags have now taken over my life. I’m a staunch follower of the @totebagfan account on Instagram and I can’t even leave the house without a canvas anymore. bag. in the hand.

They’re cute * totes * and * functional * totes.

Are you a fan? Tweet me what’s in your tote bag at @nbakerARROW!

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Dua Lipa Brings Showbiz Glamor To Versace Fashion Show On Catwalk Debut | Milan Fashion Week Fri, 24 Sep 2021 22:21:00 +0000

Ffashion shows are showbiz again. Donatella Versace staged the first post-pandemic blockbuster, with five Britons and two Grammy winner singer Dua Lipa wearing a cropped black dress and safety pin earrings on the catwalk as a tribute to the red carpet dress that made Elizabeth Hurley famous 27 years ago.

The Friday night show, which also starred Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, would be the first of Versace’s two appearances at Milan Fashion Week.

The brand is reportedly collaborating with Fendi on a joint “secret” show co-designed by Donatella Versace and Fendi Creative Directors Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi. Cryptic gold and white invitations signed simply “Donatella” and inviting guests to “something special” on Sunday night are examined for clues.

“Fersace” – as the collaboration is already called – would be a powerful manifestation of Italian solidarity. With Milan in the eye of the storm when the Covid-19 arrived in Europe last spring, the industry was hit hard by the pandemic. A collaboration between two rival houses in a historically fierce industry would be the symbol of a new spirit of conviviality.

Two months ago, Kim Kardashian – who may or may not be involved in the business, depending on who you think – sparked rumors when she posted a photo of herself with Versace and Jones in Rome. Neither Fendi nor Versace have denied reports on Sunday’s show.

Fashion designer duos are hot right now. A Gucci runway in April featured a silver pantsuit with rival fashion label Balenciaga’s name sporting sequins – the runway equivalent of Adidas putting a Nike swoosh on a sneaker.

Donatella Versace with Dua Lipa at the end of Versace spring / summer 2022 fashion show in Milan. Photograph: Alessandro Garofalo / Reuters

In response, Balenciaga is now selling an almost exact copy of Gucci’s iconic Jackie bag, only with the GG logo in the monogram replaced by a BB. However, Balenciaga and Gucci are owned by Kering. A Fendi x Versace tie-up would be more surprising, as there is no commercial link between the two. Fendi is part of the LVMH group, while Versace is owned by Capri Holdings, an American team that also houses Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo.

Prada, as usual, is ahead of its tendency to collaborate. Prada is the result of a joint effort between two great designers since Raf Simons joined Miuccia Prada as a full partner in the design studio last year. Their first live duo show was presented in doubles, with two identical collections on the catwalks simultaneously in Milan and Shanghai on Friday.

The message – the return of the miniskirt – was brilliantly simple, a response to critics who wondered if two headstrong designers would be able to co-write a strong fashion message. Short, pointy skirts in matte black or bright yellow satin, worn bare-legged with low-heeled sandals, were paired with shrugged leather jackets or heavy knitwear. After years where long skirts dominated fashion, Prada’s effortlessly cool minis were alluring and different.

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]]> 0 Trae Young’s first signature sneaker, Adidas, will be available in five colourways Fri, 24 Sep 2021 18:10:04 +0000

Last year, adidas announced that Trae Young would become the last basketball player under his umbrella to receive a signature sneaker. As details leaked in the months that followed – with Young even making his debut in a Trae Young 1 colourway – adidas revealed on Friday that the Atlanta Hawks star’s full line of sneakers and apparel will be released on the 1st. October, his sneakers receiving five. different colors.

The main look on the sneakers is the Trae Young 1 ICEE, which the All-Star goalie has worn in the past and showed off on the recent takeover of SLAM Kicks. Two of the other colourways are ICEE Cotton Candy and Peachtree, while the remaining pair is a collaboration with Jermaine Dupri’s label, SO SO DEF and SO SO DEF ATL.

Beyond the sneakers, adidas will offer a clothing line to celebrate the big milestone in Young’s career.


Young and the Hawks enter this season with high expectations following last year’s surprising run to the Eastern Conference Finals. This run was sparked by Young who took his game to a new level as he was the driving force behind the team’s offense throughout the year. Young averaged 25.3 points and 9.4 assists per game last season.

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