VICTORIA FALLS-based visual artist Moses Kalembela has released a limited edition of the t-shirt line in collaboration with acclaimed Filipino fashion designer John Ablaza which will be presented in the United States in October.

Some of the t-shirts printed by Moses

Kalembela said NewsDay Life & Style that the T-shirt line would be showcased in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles at trade shows hosted by Ablaza.

“The project is called John Ablaza X Moses Kalembela. My works will be incorporated into John Ablaza’s male collections for show in America. Proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts will go to a charity, Project Africa 103 and a mentorship program for Zimbabwe led by John Ablaza, ”he said.

“For the t-shirts we used an African print called digital transfer printing. Ablaza first described to me what he wanted to do, then I designed and emailed the images to him that he then printed on t-shirts and this is called the digital transfer printing.

Kalembela said he was saddened that due to the recent upsurge in COVID-19 cases and related issues, he was unable to attend the shows.

“Having first met Ablaza in 2016 as part of a mentorship program for artisans and fashion designers hosted by the US Embassy in Harare, I feel honored to find myself able to collaborate with him. today, “he said.

“Being from Victoria Falls, I sold my work to
tourists from all walks of life, but this particular collaboration is special for me because it allows me to represent Zimbabwe at the global level, which fascinates me.

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