Right now, collecting and reselling sneakers is booming. It’s no longer a niche quest, everyone is getting in on the action. There are, as they say, layers to this thing, and the table-top ones are just a few. One of the game’s greats is Franklin ‘King of Trainers’ Boateng, whose lifelong passion for trainers has earned him a reputation that goes beyond just buying and selling in-demand creps like stocks. .

For Franklin, it’s much, much more important than that. “I have a story or a memory about every pair of sneakers I’ve bought,” he told Complex. He is an entrepreneur with several successful businesses under his belt, including the Rxtro store in Boxpark Shoreditch; he also runs a top YouTube channel where he shares news, unboxings and reviews the latest sneaker releases, and he founded the UK’s only sneaker awards show, but he’s reportedly nothing could realize if he didn’t like creps as much as he did. It’s that simple.

It all started with his mom, he explains, who financed his first pairs: “She loved tennis and bought me all the sneakers that tennis players wore, which were the best sneakers of the time.” Almost as soon as he got his hands on those first crisp white shoes, he immersed himself in the then-nascent culture and became part of the resale side, though it was never cynical. for Boateng. “My sneaker collection is made of love, memories and stories,” he says. So it’s poetic that he ended up collaborating on a capsule inspired by the era of ’80s tennis shoes worn by titans like Boris Becker and Pat Cash, the same era that sparked his love for sneakers. So what’s his advice for becoming big in the sneaker game? “Don’t just be there for the money or you’ll be bored,” he says. “Have fun with it. Also make sure you create a real brand around it and most importantly, consistency – that’s the real cheat code.

For Franklin, as a regular shopper of everything footwear and beyond, it’s also important to get a good deal, not just personally, but also professionally. “It’s very, very important, because people look up to me to make sure I’m pointing out good deals, so if I don’t get a good deal, it hits me directly,” he admits. But when he marks the right object, there’s nothing like the feeling, “I feel amazing!” Like a king [laughs]. But no, on the real thing, it’s a buzz. Every coach I get, I get this warm, fuzzy feeling every time.

As the King of Trainers knows how to spot a bargain, we wanted to get his advice on how to approach Amazon’s upcoming Prime Early Access sale, a new shopping event for Prime members that’s all about offering them great deals. . On October 11 and 12, with thousands of deals worldwide across the multiple avenues that Amazon is known for – from fashion to fancy food prep gear – it’s an exclusive opportunity for Prime members to take advantage of some of the best deals of the season before anyone else.