When did you first meet Karl Lagerfeld?

I first met Karl in 2001 when he came to visit my store in Paris. A friend I know from work recommended it to me because he knew Karl loved jewelry.

What would you talk about?

We talked about my jewelry, of course, as well as my specialist career for influential 20th century designer Suzanne Belperron.

What is your most memorable moment with Karl?

When he became one of my jewelry clients in 2006.

Do you wear her fashion designs?

Yes, I have pieces from the very first collection he ever designed for Chanel.

Tell us something we don’t know about Karl.

I think, to protect himself from others, he created this character very different from what he really was.

We have heard that he called you a “genius of jewelry”.

He first told me this in 2007, although I have to admit I can’t really remember when or where it happened. I felt incredibly proud. His opinion of me was so important because he was a really cultured individual who had seen and done it all. It was really gratifying to know that he chose to wear my work.

What did he teach you?

How important it is to me to continue to create and inspire people, even when others copy my work. He also taught me to always try to be at the forefront of the design world.

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