LONDON – UK limited-edition online sneaker consignment specialist The Edit LDN has opened its first physical store in Harrods.

Its 2,000 square foot space offers Harrods shoppers a wide range of hard-to-find items from brands such as the Yeezy, Jordan, Off-White and Supreme collaborations.

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Simon Longland, Head of Menswear at Harrods, said working with The Edit LDN is part of the ongoing strategy to “transform the menswear experience at Harrods and embrace the most important and desirable trends in the world. Marlet “.

“Bringing the industry expertise of The Edit LDN to Harrods ensures our customers have access to the latest and most exclusive styles on the market through a level of service [that] is unmistakably Harrods, ”he added.

Moses Rashid, founder and CEO of The Edit LDN, called it a big step for the company to be the premier sneaker dealer in Harrods.

“It’s great to see such a global mega brand enter the sneaker market, by the way, that we are the catalyst to make it happen,” he said, adding that the retailers’ loyal customers now understand. avid sneaker fans, TV and movie celebrities, professional footballers and royals around the world since its launch 18 months ago.

Looking ahead, Rashid added, “This is a market worth $ 6 billion a year globally that will grow five times by 2030. The demand for sneakers is growing every day and we are at the heart of responding to this trend. … We are hyper-growing and heading on the right path as we grow the business globally. Our current funding cycle will allow us to move faster and achieve our goals. “

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