TODAY, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a designer bag at low prices thanks to stockists and vintage boutiques.

But with more items on the market, it’s a little harder to tell if your bag is authentic or not.


A fashion influencer named Audrey Peters has shared the telltale sign that your Louis Vuitton is real1 credit
According to Peters, one side of your Louis Vuitton bag should have an upside-down print


According to Peters, one side of your Louis Vuitton bag should have an upside-down print1 credit

Luckily, a fashion expert named Audrey Peters has shared the simple way to tell if your designer bag is a fraud.

In a video, Peters specifically explained how to authenticate Louis Vuitton’s Speedy bags.

Showing off his own LV print bag, Peters explained, “The reason the cherries on this Louis Vuitton bag are upside down on this side is that Louis Vuitton uses a single piece of leather to make all of its bags.

“So on any real Louis Vuitton bag, one side of the bag will always have the monogram upside down.”

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She also demonstrated the trick on her rainbow monogrammed mini bag, which was also authentic.

She signs off, saying, “If you see a Louis Vuitton bag with a monogram right side up on both sides, it’s a fake.”

To clarify, Peters wrote in the comments that this reveal trick only works for Louis Vuitton’s Speedy bag collection.

She also corrected herself in the comments and wrote that Speedy bags are made from one piece of canvas, not leather.

Peters’ tip rings true as it is confirmed on Louis Vuitton’s website that their Speedy bags have an upside-down print on one side.

Meanwhile, a woman dives into a dumpster to secure her branded items.

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She put on Burberry perfume, high-end makeup bags and a fitness watch.

Additionally, another woman spent $1,700 on used Kardashian clothes and found the grossest item stuffed into Kim’s designer boots.

Peters' revealing trick only works on Louis Vuitton's Speedy bags


Peters’ revealing trick only works on Louis Vuitton’s Speedy bags1 credit

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