One of Ireland’s most exciting young fashion designers, Aoife McNamara has unveiled her latest collection, ‘Enchanted By Nature, In a Disenchanted World’; a stunning 15-piece collection inspired by the natural world and a mission to protect it.

Sustainable production and empowerment of the conscious consumer were central to Mc Namara’s design process. Produced entirely in Ireland from sustainable materials, its latest collection evokes the vivid spirit of Ireland’s rugged beauty, to rekindle a sense of wonder in our natural surroundings.

Talking about the inspiration behind her new designs, Aoife McNamara said: “The new collection tells the story of a woman enchanted by nature, in a disenchanted world, but who dreams of a future where we will rebuild our relationship with nature by aligning our values ​​with those of mother earth.”

Rebellious and stimulating, yet romantic and feminine at the same time, the centerpieces include a dusty pink linen dress with puff sleeves, a mint green corset dress in duchess satin and a two-piece suit in coral tweed. Mc Namara’s 7th season also includes t-shirts that walk the perfect line between dressy picnic blankets and Irish wool – a nod to Mc Namara’s vision of inspiring people to hang out outside, reconnecting with nature.

A fresh new color palette injects vibrant new life into Aoife Mc Namara’s signature shapes and styles. From sea blues and pistachio greens to floral pinks and coral oranges, this season’s colorway reflects Ireland’s oceans, mountains, meadows and wildflower meadows.

A graduate of the Limerick School of Art & Design and former intern at Marc Jacobs, each piece shows Mc Namara’s intuitive skill in marrying modern design with traditional and innovative sustainable materials.

All garments are made in Ireland using traditional fabrics such as Irish tweeds, sourced from local woolen mill John Hanly’s, and biodegradable Irish linens. Mc Namara also incorporates modern sustainable materials, such as Cupro, a fabric made from regenerated cellulose fibers from recycled cotton linter through a ‘closed loop’ manufacturing process.

Aoife Mc Namara also follows a make-to-order model, a more ethical and sustainable approach that eliminates overproduction and reduces the risk of excess stock.

Sharing more about her motivation behind the collection, Aoife McNamara added: “As a society, we are often so disconnected from our natural world. This culture is causing devastating damage to our planet. I consider it my responsibility as a designer to help educate a wave of conscious consumers and create clothing that inspires a reconnection with nature.

“Without our planet, we literally cannot survive. Through my creations, I hope to rekindle “this” connection with nature. I truly believe that fashion as an art form has the power to rekindle that spark deep within a person.

Stunning new dreamlike images bring the collection’s story to life. Captured on the beautiful island of Valentia, County Kerry, the new clothes are modeled by Amber Shreshta, a Kerry native, young doctor and brand ambassador Aoife Mc Namara.

The launch coincides with the opening of Aoife Mc Namara Kildare Village’s latest pop-up store, which is open until April 24. The pop-up will host the new collection as well as classic pieces from Aoife McNamara’s previous collections.

A new series of Aoife Mc Namara community events also marks the launch of the new season. Of them Wreath-making workshops “enchanted by nature” will take place on April 9 and 15 with florist Niamh McNamara – who happens to be the designer’s sister. Tickets cost €95 per person and include a goody bag including Grá chocolates and a €20 Aoife Mc Namara x Kildare Village gift card.

The “Enchanted By Nature, In a Disenchanted World” collection is available exclusively at the Aoife Mc Namara Kildare Village pop-up store, open until April 24, and will be launched on and at Aoife’s Cottage, Adare, Co. Limerick on April 26.