Jane Fonda explains how a movie, 2005’s Monster-in-Law, helped revive her career after her controversial retirement in the 90s.

Jane Fonda explains how a 2005 film monster in law, helped revive her career after her controversial retirement in the 90s. The romantic comedy revolved around Charlie Cantilini, a temp worker and aspiring fashion designer, as she meets and falls in love with Michael Vartan’s doctor, Kevin Fields . After a few months of dating and a surprise engagement announcement, Charlie thinks her future is bright, only to realize she has to deal with Kevin’s overbearing mother, Fonda’s Viola, a former talk show host who is recently released from rehab after attacking an on-air guest.


Alongside Lopez, Fonda and Vartan, the cast of monster in law included Wanda Sykes, Adam Scott, Monet Mazur, Annie Parisse, Will Arnett, Elaine Stritch and Stephen Dunham. Lead by Revenge of a Blondeby Robert Luketic from a screenplay by Anya Kochoff, the romantic comedy received largely negative reviews from critics for its lackluster writing, Lopez’s disappointing performance, and uninteresting secondary characters. Despite this, Fonda herself would receive rave reviews for her performance and monster in law would go on to become a box office success, grossing over $154 million against its $43 million production budget.

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Ahead of the premiere of the final season of Grace and FrankieJane Fonda caught up vanity lounge to break down his career timeline. The actress looks back on her time with monster in law, crediting the film with helping her relaunch her career after her controversial retirement to focus on her marriage. Check out what Fonda shared below:

“Monster-In-Law was probably the most strategic thing in my career. I had left the company because I married Ted Turner, and you don’t work, you can’t do both at the same time, so I left the company, I didn’t miss it, not for a moment. Ted and I broke up, I wrote a book and when I finished the book, I thought, ‘Oh , I’d love to get back to acting’. A script came up called Monster-In-Law and my part was really exciting and it was with Jennifer Lopez and people were going to see it because of Jennifer Lopez. And then they were going to find out or rediscovering Jane Fonda and that’s what happened and it was a hugely successful movie that’s still loved by people.When I see girls walking up to me and they recognize me and they start, I know exactly – forget Klute and Julia and all the rest, Monster-In-Law is the one they love. [Laughs] And it was great, it was really fun to work with Jennifer and we got along really well.

Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez in Monster-In-Law

Long before monster in law Released theatrically, Fonda had made a name for herself on both Broadway and film in the ’60s and ’70s with acclaimed roles in films such as Cat Ballou, Bare feet in the park and barbell. Fonda’s Stardom Will Rise Further With 1969 Psychological Drama They shoot horses, don’t they?his first step into the world of dramas and his first Oscar nomination, followed by two wins for his work in Klute and Go home. The 80s would also prove fruitful for Fonda as she starred in a string of hits including Fun with Dick and Jane, Julia, on Golden Pond and 9 to 5 with Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton.

Fonda’s retirement from acting in 1991 came at a time when she starred in back-to-back failures old gringo and Stanley and Iris and had married billionaire media mogul Ted Turner, to whom she was married for a decade before their divorce. While monster in law may not have been a critical darling, the film was widely considered a financial success at the time and put Fonda back on the acting path, eventually culminating in his most recent work, Netflix’s Grace and Frankiefor which she received wide acclaim and earned a Primetime Emmy nomination in 2017. As audiences await the comedy series’ final season, they can rewatch monster in law streaming on Netflix now.

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