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All of that context is important, because it makes today’s focus all the more remarkable: Kim was recently seen wearing a $65 pair of sneakers you can pick up at Nordstrom for a date with Pete Davidson, and all we can say is once again, agape.

It’s no secret that the media mogul’s style has changed a lot since she started seeing the SNL actor, and we’re here 100% for it because it means more accessible outfits than us regular people can actually get. And those classic Old Skool Vans sneakers she wore? We can absolutely get them back. Not to mention, it’s a well-made couple’s style, seeing as Davidson is also quite the stan Vans. Mark our words: 2022 is the year of the Vans.

But Kim being Kim kept a bit of luxury in her look in the form of a pair of $595 Balenciaga leggings, an expensive Vetements black hoodie and her Balenciaga sunglasses that cost nearly $2,000. . Her $65 sneakers are certainly priced considerably lower than the rest of the pieces in her outfit, but we totally understand why she decided to wear them. Sure, Davidson may have had some influence, but the 2000s brand is coming back for a reason: the shoes are just as cool and comfortable and go well with everything, like leggings, jeans, tracksuits or dresses. .

Shop different versions of Vans sneakers below. But hurry, we have a feeling this Kim sighting is about to skyrocket Vans to a new level of fame.