Loan Insurance for Hemophiliac Borrower


Loan Insurance and Aggravated Health

Loan Insurance and Aggravated Health

Getting a loan insurance with a health problem like hemophilia is finally possible! Get a loan insurance quote to secure your loan despite an aggravated health risk hemophilia. Hemophilia should not prevent the borrowing of money from your bank or another organization. Cheap loan insurance will do everything possible to allow a sick borrower to subscribe to death insurance, for a real estate project or other.

Take out loan insurance for hemophilia

Take out loan insurance for hemophilia

You want to buy a mortgage and have hemophilia?
The fact that you have this condition can be a barrier to obtaining your home loan because of a loan insurance refusal, an excessively expensive insurance premium or a guarantee exclusion related to your property. disease.

Group insurance of the bank and hemophilia

Hemophilia is a serious disease of the blood. Of genetic origin, it generally affects only men in whom it causes hemorrhages. In France, we have around 6000 people with hemophilia.

For banks and insurers, hemophilia is an “aggravated health risk”. Thus, when you apply for a mortgage loan from your bank, it is likely to refuse to grant you its group insurance and therefore refuse your loan. In fact, group insurance is not adapted to cover specific risks because it is designed to protect its subscribers at an average level by spreading the risks between them.

You are therefore advised to anticipate your loan insurance research process before submitting your mortgage application to your bank.

Quote insurance health risk loan hemophilia

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Compare insurance offers and get the best hemophilia loan risk insurance quotes from the market using the insurance comparator loan insurance-loan-cheap.

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