BATON ROUGE — A man has been charged with drugs and weapons after a chase through Baton Rouge ended in him fleeing on foot on I-110.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office reported that Isiah London, 30, fled after deputies tried to arrest him for not wearing a seatbelt on Breckenridge Avenue. London reportedly refused to stop, ignoring traffic lights, veering into oncoming traffic to dodge a semi-truck and swerving another vehicle off the road as it headed onto Airline Highway.

A rear tire burst on London’s vehicle as it attempted to merge onto I-110, causing it to lose control and crash into a wooded area. Deputies then spotted London fleeing the car and driving down I-110 with a brown satchel over his shoulder.

A passerby helped deputies arrest London and he was taken into custody.

When an MP asked London why he showed up, he told them ‘I have drugs in my bag’. Deputies discovered London was carrying suspected brown heroin in his bag, as well as firearms in his passenger seat which he said belonged to his cousin.

London was taken to East Baton Rouge Parish Jail and convicted of resisting an officer, criminal in possession of a firearm, and possession with intent to distribute.