A MAN has been arrested after family members found two bin bags filled with human remains inside his apartment.

A Seattle man has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder after being accused of shooting his roommate in the head and dismembering him.


Richard Lavietes’ body was found in two trash bags by his familyCredit: Kiro 7 news
Laviete's colleague, pictured, called 911 concerned about his well-being


Laviete’s colleague, pictured, called 911 concerned about his well-beingCredit: Kiro 7 news

Court documents show Nicholas Van Cleave was taken into custody after family members of Richard Lavietes entered the 41-year-old’s home with a spare key and found two garbage bags full of what appeared to be human remains, the Seattle Times reported.

The document does not say who will represent Van Cleave, who remains in jail in lieu of $2 million bond.

Lavietes’ body was found after a co-worker called 911 Monday and asked for a social check, according to the charging documents.

Documents show she told a dispatcher she was worried about her co-workers after he was forced to take a gun away from her roommate, who she described as mentally unstable.

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Cops said Van Cleave and Lavietes were friends and the defendant was invited to live with him after he lost his job.

Charging documents show Lavietes told Van Cleave to move after the suspect through a gun house last week.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Lavietes was shot five times in the back of the neck, according to the charges, which indicate that Lavietes was then dismembered.

Senior Assistant District Attorney Aubony G. Burns said in the charging documents, “After murdering the victim, the defendant then took significant and extreme measures to conceal the crime, including dismembering the victim’s body, hiding the remains in several places around the house, then concocting an elaborate story to cover up his act of murder when contacted by the police.”

When Lavietes’ family arrived at the house, they were greeted by Van Cleave who told them that it would not be a good idea to enter.

He allegedly told them that Lavietes had gone camping for two days and had left his vehicle and mobile phone behind.

It also appeared to be blocking access upstairs, according to documents.

When family members checked upstairs, they found two large trash bags with blood on and near them in Lavietes’ master bathroom, documents show.

A bag appeared to contain flesh and bones and was heavy when picked up.

A witness told police she saw Van Cleave walk towards his vehicle, parked around the corner from their apartments, several times on the afternoon of May 1.

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Others told police they heard repeated banging noises throughout the morning of May 2.

Van Cleave has denied the charges against him.