The first season of Industry, the electrifying drama from Mickey Down and Konrad Kay following a group of ambitious young graduates navigating the politics and trappings of a prestigious London investment bank, brought us a compelling cast of anti-heroes: Myha’la Herrold’s Harper, a steely American transplant fleeing a troubled past; Robert de Harry Lawtey, a wrestler with a cocaine addiction; Gus by David Jonsson, an old, openly gay Etonian already disillusioned with the profession; and Nabhaan Rizwan Public School-educated Hari, whose obsession with proving himself leads to tragedy.

The character that seemed to inspire the most discussion, however, was Marisa Abela’s Yasmin. A shiny-haired, well-spoken, hard-working new recruit at the exchange office, she’s something of an enigma: an old-fashioned multilingual heiress with a sprawling house in Notting Hill who still insists on picking up lunches from everyone. the world ; someone who is often soft on misogynistic bullying at work but engages in a risky, subversive flirtation with a co-worker; a young woman in a stagnant relationship with a directionless deadbeat who, through further encounters, discovers that she is a sexual person.

Credit goes to Abela, 25, from Brighton and a recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, who walks an impossible tightrope, balancing Yasmin’s underlying fears and insecurities with her natural ease and charm in privileged circles, and the confidence she exudes in her many sex scenes.

Luckily for fans eager to learn more about Yasmin’s motivations, background, and fascinating dysfunctional relationships, she is now returning to screens for the series’ highly anticipated second season. More than a year after the graduates became permanent employees, it opens with their return to the office after COVID-related lockdowns. As they settle in, Yasmin crosses paths with Céleste (Katrine De Candole), an executive in private wealth management who takes her under her wing. On her own desk, she clashes with Venetia (Indy Lewis), the team’s newest recruit, who is bent on disrupting the system in hopes of changing things for the better. Meanwhile, her home life is also disrupted by the arrival of her charismatic, manipulative, and playboy father, Charles (Adam Levy).

Before the release of Industry Season 2 – on HBO August 1 – Abela discusses using her influence to have serious conversations with the show’s writers about on-screen nudity, the evolution of Yasmin’s wardrobe and her next role in Greta Gerwig Barbie.