Fast food giant McDonald’s faces a tight supply of takeout paper bags and straws, workers warned – the latest supply chain hiccups to emerge as shifting pandemic demands continue to cause headaches in all areas.

McDonald’s urged restaurant owners in an internal post to limit bag orders from vendors as orders are ahead of last year’s numbers, which were already high due to the rise in take-out orders due to the pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported.

But in a statement to the Post, the burger chain insisted the crackdown would not affect customers.

“Despite the temporary pressures in the industry, the impact on restaurants is minimal. Based on what we know today, we are convinced that customers should not see an interruption in the supply of bags or straws. We will continue to monitor closely, ”the company said.

However, customers compound the problem by ordering their orders in bags even if they plan to dine inside, McDonald’s reportedly said in its internal message to franchise owners.

Additionally, the company recognized that workers who spent the last 18 months or so filling orders in bags were not used to serving meals on trays, making the transition away from bags much more difficult. .

“Many new crew members have never had to manage trays before,” McDonald’s said in a late July message, according to the Journal. The “transition to the use of trays has been slower, more difficult because we haven’t done it for so long”.

Teenage girls with McDonald's.
“We are convinced that customers should not see an interruption in the supply of bags or straws,” McDonald’s said in a statement.
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Restaurant sales in national chains have recovered from their pandemic lows, with take-out and delivery sales experiencing particularly strong growth as the pandemic reshaped consumption habits.

This increase increases the demand for take-out paper bags in the restaurant industry.

Shipments of unbleached bags and sack paper increased 12% in 2020 from the previous year, the Journal reported, citing data from the American Forest and Paper Association.

The causes of the straw supply being leaky are varied and different from take-out paper bags, according to the Journal.

One of McDonald’s U.S. straw suppliers is short of manpower due to labor shortages, train disruptions, West Coast wildfires and resin outages , the Journal reported, citing a message from McDonald’s to restaurant owners.

This is just the latest example of a shortage in the recovery economy from a pandemic, which has been largely defined by a nationwide labor shortage, transportation issues and a growing demand for some products which have led to an unrivaled offer.

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