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Posted: Tuesday November 16, 2021 01:37 PM [IST]

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Avani Sheth of Anand, a famous fashion designer from Gujarat and Maharashtra who is constantly groomed for the uplifting of society and the empowerment of women, has been in conversation for some time.

Meet Avani Sheth - Well Known Actress, Fashion Designer, Event Planner

Avani Sheth was born in Anand on July 3, 1986 in the family of Shri Jitendra Jani and Divyalata Jani. Today with the audacity and the certainty of accomplishing something since adolescence, she has had the opportunity to make her fantasies come true. Avani Sheth and her other relative, Mr. Pramit Sheth, run the huge event management business in Anand, to be more precise “Event Glitters and Vivaah Banquet and Party Grounds”. She has overseen the events of many big names to this day. She has no foundation in this area, her family business is linked to the tobacco industry. Avani Sheth has two children, the boy is called Shril Sheth and the girl is called Sovina Sheth. Avani Sheth is a versatile woman, although she is busy with family and event management, she also takes care of her beauty and is associated with fashion design. She also had the opportunity to work with famous people.

Apart from that, Avani Sheth launched The Social Club in March 2020. As Avani was asked to explain the reason for this, she said:

“It’s just an effort to bring out the secret power and education hidden in the general public.” Some time ago she also coordinated a cyclothon and vokathon in Anand, in this program the famous artist Mr. Karanvir Bohra introduced himself. At one event, during Navratri, she coordinated a big Garba event with famous Gujarat society singer Kinjal Dave. Welfare related Avani Sheth bends over backwards to empower women. Its goal is to make women independent. She accepts that a woman continues her existence with full self-esteem and that she must draw the secret powers within her so that she can help herself and, moreover, the family of a woman. superior way.

Getting to know such a talented woman who is passionate about helping others is an honor in itself!

Article first published: Tuesday November 16th, 2021, 13:37 [IST]

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