Soon after, Aujla and Bloomstein started designing apartments for their friends. Instead of using off-the-shelf accessories and finishes, they’ve doubled down on their radically artisanal world-building project, which they are doing by hand. So, on the cabinets of the GRP kingdom, you will meet the humble piano hinge. With this mechanism, says Bloomstein, “there’s this tactile thing – the door dragged on the road. In fact, it’s not that good by a cabinetmaker’s standards, but it automatically reminds you of your experiences in older homes, rather than in the present, where everything works really well.

Over the past few years, the Green River Project has designed some of New York’s most attractive places, including the Dr. “I’ve never seen a vision like theirs,” says 26-year-old fashion and fine art photographer Tyler Mitchell, who hired GRP to renovate their new photo studio. “I have the impression that today’s youth have been sold the concept of the white box. But Green River is a total rejection of this Gender and city aesthetics of the apartment, and this encourages people to fill their homes with rich materials and a rich history.

New York is full of beautiful Japanese restaurants, but few are as unusual and captivating as Dr Clark, which opened during the height of the city’s spring pandemic and quickly became the most suspended stage under Delancey Street. “It’s about not seeing the materials that bring you back to today,” says Aujla. There is not the slightest hint of white in the place: the walls are paneled in coffee-stained lauan, the furniture custom-made from Douglas fir and covered in dusty velvet. The lighting – provided by sculptural sconces made in GRP’s northern state metal workshop – is incredibly flattering.

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