“To be honest, I can’t remember when I first met Nicholas,” Don Letts writes via email, “but that’s because I can’t remember last week. That said, I remember meeting Nicholas because it was like meeting a younger version of myself, which was a journey, because you all know there is only one Don Letts!

“With music and style as his weapons of choice, Nicholas has carved out a distinct space for himself that speaks volumes about what it means to be black and British,” adds Letts, “so I have nothing but love for the brother and apparently he loves me too. Hey, it’s all a matter of taste and he obviously has. The duality of our existence, ie being Black and British, meant we had an automatic connection, so collaborating with Nicholas was easy, rewarding and a great example of cross-generational creativity.


With his creative versatility and, as Letts told me, a “love for a good bassline.” Daley is also an extremely talented designer. A Nicholas Daley garment is a unique combination of his heritage, worldview and myriad sensibilities. Loose and short Japanese pants, or multi-pocket workwear vest in Scottish tartan, or patchwork corduroy. Baker boy caps, interpreted in leather with Mulberry. “Tan Rasta Patchwork with Mulberry!” he said with a laugh and a slightly puzzled look. Shoes were made with Tricker’s, a reference to his upbringing in the Midlands, when he recently turned to the quilting tradition of the Great American South. Everything is refracted and put on a soundtrack, a film, a party, a space and a feeling in which you want to get involved or just dance. Clothes and the lifestyle that goes with them that are fun and vibrant and kind of kinetic.

“It’s the way he channels his dual heritage into his design in such an authentic and interesting way that makes Nicholas such a great designer,” says Joe Warner, head of buying and commerce at the influential Shoreditch retailer. , Goodhood, one of the first stores to take over the brand. “He can easily find inspiration in subcultures and music culture, old and new, and the finished product is both referential yet utterly fresh.