They don’t know them. They never spoke to each other. They don’t even know their names.

However, students at Bell Middle School in San Diego’s Skyline community have spent a few minutes each school day this week preparing care kits for children their age who live thousands of miles away.

“We fill the bags with candy for the kids, for the Ukrainian kids,” said sixth grader Jordan Carlis.

Jordan was one of 20 students on an assembly line in Tom Daly’s social studies class who stuffed large envelopes full of candy. Daly said each envelope was decorated with messages of support for Ukrainian children who fled their country and are currently in Warsaw, Poland.

“There are 100,000 students who have arrived there, and they are now going to school,” Daly said.

“Feels good,” said a smiling Jordan behind a face mask. “We feel bad because they lost their home, and I would be sad too.”

“I wouldn’t want that to happen here or any other country or child,” added Penny Sheets, another sixth grader.

“It’s scary,” Jordan concluded.

Daly said the students had an online fundraiser to pay for supplies and postage. His students have created more than a hundred bags, with the first batch arriving in Poland any day now.