Troy Driver, 41, of Fallon, was arrested March 25 in connection with the death of Naomi Irion. She was last seen on March 12 around 5 a.m. PT in the rural town of Fernley. His body was found March 29 in a nearby county.

In a court appearance on Friday, Driver was formally charged with first-degree murder with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, burglary of a motor vehicle, theft and destruction of evidence. Driver, who appeared by video from jail, was denied bail for murder.

The driver was not asked to plead any of the charges at Friday’s hearing. His next court appearance, a preliminary hearing, is scheduled for May 10.

Richard P. Davies, Driver’s court-appointed attorney, told reporters outside the courthouse that he met with his new client for an hour Thursday. There are currently more questions than answers about the case, he has repeatedly said.

“And we’re very confident as the investigation progresses the real story will come out,” Davies said. “Right now everyone is jumping to conclusions, and that’s natural. But I want to urge everyone to be patient and let the process unfold on its own.”

Several members of Irion’s family attended the hearing.

Her brother, Casey Valley, told media it was “a relief to know that someone under that kind of suspicion can’t hurt someone else right now.”

Valley said life is tough for the family, but they are doing what they have to “to make sure Naomi gets justice.”

“Every day it feels a little more real and it’s tough,” Valley said. “It’s hard to bring it all down to reality.”

According to a criminal complaint, Driver kidnapped and shot Irion, then buried his body in an attempt to cover up his crime. The driver also hid or destroyed Irion’s cell phone and threw the tires off his truck, the complaint says.

Irion’s body was found March 29 in a remote part of Churchill County after authorities received a tip of his disappearance, the Churchill County and Lyon County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. last week. Churchill County is just east of Lyon County.

The Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office performed an autopsy and confirmed the body was Irion’s, the statement said.

Naomi Irion seen in CCTV footage at a Walmart the morning she was allegedly abducted.

According to surveillance video, a man in a gray hoodie, dark slacks or jeans, and dark tennis shoes approached Irion’s car at 5:24 a.m. on March 12 .

said Detective Erik Kusmerz of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. Irion’s car was found near Walmart three days later.

Irion’s sister, Tamara Cartwright, told CNN that Irion worked at Panasonic Energy of North America and was waiting to take a shuttle to work from Walmart.

CNN’s Amir Vera and Steve Almasy contributed to this report.