“The brand’s commitment to circularity means it pushes the boundaries in terms of creating new value from waste, and its spirit of innovation has led them to devise a whole new use for our brand of recycled coffee. Zèta’s RE:GROUND capsule collection is sure to delight coffee and fashion fans.

Each pair of RE:GROUND shoes contains 12 cups of ground coffee supplied through Nespresso’s capsule recycling initiative. The coffee is embedded in a vegan leather material that is used for the upper of the shoe as well as the sole, accompanying the remaining 80% of the shoe, produced with 80% recycled materials.

“My vision for Zèta was to create stylish sneakers for the eco-conscious fashion lover,” says Babin.

Currently, RE:GROUND shoes are a limited addition to the product line and the company only ships the shoes from Portugal, where they are produced, to customers in Europe, which is an intentional move to ensure the shoes are as durable. as possible.

“For this capsule collection, our fabric designers at Tintex spent eight months perfecting an innovative vegan faux leather made from recycled coffee grounds. RE:GROUND is the embodiment of our collaboration with Nespresso – a chic and stylish shoe that celebrates the value of coffee and the virtue of circularity.

This collaborative project is another Nespresso contribution that shows how products can be integrated into circular business models. Through its various initiatives, Nespresso showcases innovation and governance models that create a sustainable supply chain from sourcing its coffee beans and designing with a circular economy lens to integrating materials.