The Air Jordan Bred 1s have been banned due to their color combination. However, Michael Jordan himself thought they were ugly!

In 1984, the NBA was introduced to two basketball icons who made history. The legendary Michael Jordan and his iconic Air Jordan shoes.

It’s been 37 years now since MJ was drafted, and the Air Jordan brand has reached new heights. There have been 36 editions of Jordans since its conception.

The most memorable of the lot is none other than the first edition, better known as the Air Jordan 1. A shoe that even today has its own retro version.

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However, there was a precursor to the Air Jordan 1s. The first custom shoe worn by the six-time champion was simply known as the Jordan 1. A shoe banned by the NBA.

Michael Jordan admitted that the Jordan 1s, now known as the Bred 1, were an ugly shoe

MJ was told not to wear the Jordan 1s because they violated many rules set by the NBA. Chief among them was that 51% of a player’s sneakers had to be white.

As such, Michael’s “red devil” sneakers were unsuitable for David Stern and the league. In fact, Jordan talked about it in an interview with David Letterman in 1986.

Amazingly, the Hall of Famer himself admitted to finding the shoes, now known as the Bred 1, ugly!

Many fans certainly thought otherwise, as a pair of Bred 1s are now extremely rare and also highly sought after.

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