Air Max Day, the Nike corporate party that has established itself like no other, is fast approaching. This year’s celebration holds special significance as the 35th anniversary of the Air Max 1, the sneaker that started it all, and the Swoosh is preparing three regional iterations for the occasion.

North America and Europe will each get an exclusive Air Max 1, while the third version is only for Latin America and Asia. We’re sad to say that the best of all, the previously teased earth-toned “Wabi-Sabi” makeup won’t be coming to the US as it’s been dedicated to the last two regions.

“Wabi-Sabi” is a term applied to traditional Japanese aesthetics in which one must accept the presence of transience and imperfection. The sneaker paying homage to the concept comes with highlighted stitching, a slight offset, and a faux-cracked midsole that are very attractive in their supposed “flaws.” Coveting it is a tough deal if you live in the US, so we’ll skip to what the US East to obtain.

The plan – The North American Air Max 1 comes with a “Blueprint” theme as a nod to Tinker Hatfield’s original designs for the sneaker. Tonal blues are combined with multiple shades of white and a series of grid patterns on the first sneaker to expose Nike’s revolutionary Air Max cushioning system.

Hatfield was first hired as a corporate architect for Nike, which made the “Blueprint” even more appropriate, and he later took inspiration from the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris to create a sneaker with cushioning technology. visible. 35 years later, visible Airbags are still a Nike signature, and Hatfield is now the most legendary sneaker design in the game.

Rounding out the daily Air Max releases, Europe-exclusive and women’s-exclusive “La Ville-Lumière” nods to Paris and translates to “City of Lights.” The Air Max 1 is the most understated of the three, but comes with an iridescent mesh adding muted color to the white, gray and navy makeup. An accompanying “3.26” charm announces the annual Air Max Day date, if it hasn’t already been thrust upon you.

All three sneakers will release on March 26 through the SNKRS app and select retailers in their respective regions. The resale market, of course, will let you pick up any of the sneakers sold outside of your country, and we expect the “Wabi-Sabi” Air Max 1 to inspire plenty of sneakerheads to do exactly that. that.