Nike’s innovative FlyEase technology, developed with insights from the disability community, comes to Converse. The sneaker brand has announced that its legendary Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker has been upgraded with an added heel counter, which allows for easy, hands-free wear. Iconic details like a canvas upper remain on the new model, officially dubbed the Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase.

Since introducing its FlyEase feature, Nike has struggled to meet the overwhelming demand for accessibility-focused footwear. The hype around the FlyEase adult kicks kept the disabled community – the demographic it was designed for – from getting the sneakers, let alone at retail price. Yet after the criticism, Nike promised to make its FlyEase offerings more available with additional stock and larger collections; a promise that seems to be keeping with a new Dynamo Go FlyEase sneaker for kids and now, the Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase.

One step forward – The updated sneaker retains its original canvas upper, but without the Converse star crest at the ankle. A low-rise fit accompanies a FlyEase cage in the heel, which collapses and rises so wearers can easily slide their foot in and out of the shoe. Padded tongues and stretch collars offer more support and flexibility than traditional Converse designs.


The two-piece designed midsoles, sporting a bright orange hue, contrast with the neutral uppers – available in Black and White color combinations. At the lateral heel, “Step In FlyEase” is spelled in orange alongside a miniature Converse logo.

“By blending Nike FlyEase with the Converse CX comfort platform, we’ve crafted a progressive design, which combines a suite of comfort and innovation technologies with the added benefit of ease of entry, making the Chuck Taylor All Star more accessible to Converse fans of different abilities,” Phil Russo, Converse’s global vice president of design and innovation, said in the brand’s announcement. The Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase is certainly the most lifestyle-focused shoe in the FlyEase line, and it looks like Nike has run out of things to offer.

Wide distribution — With total accessibility in mind, Nike plans to launch the Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase sneaker in China, Korea and other global markets on February 24. Launches in Western Europe and North America will follow on March 17, when the shoes become available. on the Converse website.