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I’ve been a fan of Nobull shoes for my CrossFit classes for years. The flat sole is ideal for weight lifting, box jumps, burpees and jump rope. But while they are fine for fast sprints, I don’t like them when longer runs are scheduled. I always changed into another pair of running sneakers. That’s why I was so excited to hear about these new Nobull Runner+ running shoes.

The Runner+ is the latest addition to Nobull’s line of performance running shoes. They’ve offered other running sneakers before, but the Runner+ is built for high performance, with more comfort, responsiveness, and stability. When I took the runners out of the box, I was happy to see that the brand retained its sleek, no-frills design. The thicker foam sole reminded me of Hoka sneakers, and I immediately put them on to see how they felt. To say I was happy is an understatement. But comfort isn’t all that matters. I used these sneakers for two weeks during all my workouts. I tried them on eight runs of varying distances, five HIIT workouts, and half a dozen long walks to see where they sit on the performance scale. Read on for my honest review to see if the new Nobull running shoes are worth the investment.

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Are Nobull Runner+ shoes good for running?

These sneakers are incredibly light! I felt like I was wearing nothing – a sneaker weighs only 7.8 ounces. The running sneaker I usually wear weighs nine ounces, which might not seem like a big difference, but it absolutely translates to longer runs.

I tested this sneaker in super short sprints during a workout, a short three-mile run, and then a longer eight-mile run. On every type of run, the seamless mesh fabric remained both breathable and flexible, while providing good support. The sole is lightweight Pebax foam, which is supposed to provide rebound when running. I really felt that. I had no discomfort, blisters or numbness in my feet (which I often experience when shoes are too tight) during my runs. And I appreciated the slight space in the toe box which allowed a little wiggle room.

Image source: Nobull

How do the Nobull Runner+ shoes compare to other running sneakers?

I usually run in Brooks, New Balance, Hoka and Mizuno running sneakers. When comparing the Nobull Runner+ to these brands, it performed just as well. Nobull running shoes may not be as bouncy as other brands, but they were springy and cushioned enough for me. The sneakers are light but provide the stability and support I need. In the past, trying on new running sneakers resulted in sore knees or feet and tired legs. I didn’t think about my feet or my legs at all while running with it.

Are Nobull Runner+ shoes good for other workouts?

I tried these sneakers for walks on a treadmill, sidewalks, and dirt trails. I’ve used them for my HIIT workouts as well, and they worked just as well on burpees, box jumps and lunges, and on jump rope. They also felt stable when standing still for weight training and when using my rower. Whatever I did, my feet were comfortable and supported. The only thing I wouldn’t wear them for is running or hiking because the sole is more flat than sturdy so it’s less grippy on rocky terrain.

How much do Nobull Runner+ shoes cost?

These sneaks are $179. If you’re not a fan of the bright magenta color, they also come in black and white.

Image source: Nobull